✨ WEEKLY ASTROLOGY ✨ June 15, 2022 – Jane International

✨ WEEKLY ASTROLOGY ✨ June 15, 2022 – Jane International

Jun 15, 2022

Jane International Tarot & Astrology
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Welcome to this week’s weekly astrological transit report! This week we have Mercury officially moving through Gemini’s first degrees. He’s here to help us sort things out and get organized, energized and strategized.
Venus will be separating from the North Node in Taurus at the same time that Mars is separating from Chiron over in Aries. Both the North Node and Chiron tend to be a little resistant and/or hesitant so with these transits coming to an end we will likely feel our life running more smoothly and efficiently.
Yes, the Venus/Uranus conjunction may have made some of us uncomfortable – brought us to a point of getting “fed up” with ourselves in some way. But that discomfort was what was needed in order to get us to act on these new initiatives. Sometimes, we need things to not work out the way we expect, so that we can live beyond our expectations. This week we take steps in that direction.
The Moon wanes as she makes her way through Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces – coming in contact with Pluto, Saturn and Neptune. Each of these outer planets definitely have a way of closing things out – so don’t be surprised if you check a bunch of stuff off your “To-Do” list this week!
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