Jane International: ✨ Star Watch ✨ WEEKLY ASTROLOGY | May 18, 2022

✨ Star Watch ✨ WEEKLY ASTROLOGY | May 18, 2022
– Jane International

May 18, 2022

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The Sun moves into Gemini this week and Mars joins Jupiter in Aries – this combination of Fire and Air is just what the soul ordered. It’s time for creativity, taking action towards the desires of our hearts. We’ve been in a hiatus for too long… we’ve been sitting within our comfort zones for longer than we’d like to admit and now it’s time to expand.

The Moon wanes after her intense eclipse season and she wants nothing more than to stop caring so much about everything and just embrace her innate sense of freedom. She takes this in stride as she transits through Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces and detaches emotionally a little bit from the experiences of the past few weeks, giving her time to breathe and reboot a little bit. When she enters Aries, she’s be right there with Mars and Jupiter at the first degrees of Aries, adding to our sense of adventure, expansion and freedom even that much more.

Mercury Retrograde re-enters Taurus this week as well coming into a Square with Saturn over in Aquarius. Take time out of the equation, and just realize that what you’re working on now… these new endeavors of yours, are just what you’re doing for fun “in the meantime” while your bigger manifestation is still gestating out there in the cosmos somewhere. This is supposed to be fun. Adventurous. Exciting and joyful.

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