INSPIRED: If We Can Do It So Can You | This Story Might Change Your Life

Inspired ACTION ..that’s the part where many of us get spooked or get stuck.  Perhaps that is the source of the expression, “He who hesitates is lost.”

Before I saw this video,  I took the first steps on a project I had invested in, but had stalled on for a year and a half. I told myself I needed a stable foundation first, then I had health challenges, then the pandemic reminded us it’s impact was not done. My life, schedule, energy and income have been fluctuating, so I kept letting the uncertainty paralyze my initial enthusiasm. Having had an unexpected good test result, I felt like I got my life back, and I released a lot of fear. So I decided to take action at last and at least plant the seeds for this back-burner project that could change my life, despite the uncertainty and challenges. We can never really put those “on hold”. We must forge ahead anyway, and taking this critical first step during the New Moon Intention Portal seemed to be a most auspicious move. Time will tell, but if I keep taking the small action steps towards my goal, things should move in the right direction.

If We Can Do It So Can You | This Story Might Change Your Life

Mar 1, 2022

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This 100% true house manifestation story will INSPIRE you deeply – GUARANTEED! It shows how we can truly manifest anything & that we are the only ones standing in the way…

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