Maps then and now: Ukraine

Maps then and now: Ukraine

A deep, dark history that goes back to the origins of…..

…..the cabal!
Much of the history is deliberately removed from the web and/or links to historic research are banned on big tech media, which pretty much shows who their allegiance is to. But the incredible Veterans who work for Veterans Today know. Gordon Duff who once held Top Secret military clearance and Mike Harris, anyway. Preston James, too. They researched and wrote several articles many years ago, and it wasn’t easy, even then, this Hidden History.  When in the military,  they had encounters with such beings as the ones who run the ancient underground tunnels in this region. Falls into the category of many things I am aware of that I call “The Burden of Knowledge”. My point is, it sheds new light on this old conflict. Things are definitely not what they appear to be or are made out to be. Please reserve judgment of any and all people involved, and 🙏🏾pray for peace and freedom for all beings, for there are many, many innocents caught in the midst of this ancient drama. 😞

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