Jane International: ✨ Star Watch ✨ WEEKLY ASTROLOGY | Jan. 19th 2022

✨ Star Watch ✨ WEEKLY ASTROLOGY | Jan. 19th 2022
– Jane International

Jan 19, 2022
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This week, as we come off the energy of the Full Moon in Cancer from the 17th, allow yourself plenty of time to rest and recalibrate before Mars enters Capricorn n the 24th. Once Mars hits Capricorn, he is going to need a few days to find his footing, but once he does he’s off to the races – with us feeling inspired to take drastic action toward our goals. This is the type of action that manifests quickly because it comes from the heart – it’s not the kind that we feel we “have” to do. It’s real, it’s inspired, it’s pure and it’s a direct channel from Spirit. We also have to remember our beautiful Nodes have officially moved into Taurus and Scorpio – so there are a lot of shifts from the ideas realm to the materialistic realm. This next year and a half is about making things **real**. Putting the dollars in the bank account, holding the hand of our new lovers, driving the new car, having a client book full of top-tier clients or whatever else it is you’re dreaming – we can make it happen now.

Important January Transits:

Jan 2: Mercury enters Aquarius
Jan 2: New Moon I Capricorn
Jan 3: Jupiter Square Nodes
Jan 14: Mercury Retrograde (10° Aqua)
Jan 17: Full Moon Cancer
Jan 18: Uranus Direct
Jan 18: Nodes Transition into Taurus/Scorpio
Jan 19: Sun into Aquarius
Jan 24: Mars into Capricorn
Jan 25: Mercury Retrograde re-enters Capricorn
Jan 29: Venus goes Direct


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