2 from Jane International: 🌕 DECEMBER 2021 🌕 – For EACH Zodiac Sign | Tarot Card & Astrology Predictions + 💕 WEEKLY LOVE TAROT 💕 DEC. 3rd- Love Tarot Reading

🌕 DECEMBER 2021 🌕 – For EACH Zodiac Sign | Tarot Card & Astrology Predictions | Jane International

Nov 30, 2021
Jane International Tarot & Astrology
133K subscribers


DECEMBER 2021 Tarot Card Reading for All Zodiac Signs During Sagittarius/Capricorn Season!

Sagittarius Season (December 2021) and on into Capricorn Season – December is full of lovely surprises – the first beginning exactly on December 1st – Neptune goes direct in Pisces! This energy brings a lot of clarity in areas where perhaps we felt we were missing it. It’s a good time to truly trust your intuitive instincts and put them to good use.

We have a new moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius (12 Degrees) which won’t feel nearly as intense as the full moon in Taurus energy we just had in November, but it will still bring it’s own flavor of higher insights, perspective, and faith/trust in a process. At any given moment, all of us are in some sort of “situation” and this is a good energy to navigate through it.

We have Mars moving into Sagittarius on the 13th of December – same day that Mercury moves into Capricorn. Mars into Sagittarius truly gives us the opportunity to activate our motivations, to run freely, quickly and to not hold back in any way. I love the Sagittarius energy because, generally speaking, it is highly self-sufficient and couldn’t care less what anyone things. Now is a good time to give the big fat middle finger to the things (or people) you’ve allowed to have a little more say or influence than is necessary.

December 19th we have our lovely Venus stationing retrograde just after having come conjunct with Pluto in Capricorn. Next month, Mercury will actually be moving retrograde over these latter degrees in Capricorn so he’s kind of in the mix as well as she begins her retrograde motion. It’s a good time to reevaluate the systems that have been long standing in your life and relationships and ask whether or not these things are valid anymore. Do they still work? Do they hold weight? Are they necessary? Chances are – massive revisions and Plutonic “Transformations” are needed at this time – and Mars in Sagittarius is offering us the mutability to adapt as needed.

❤️❤️🙏 Thank you all so much! I cannot extend enough gratitude for all of you! 🙏 ❤️❤️

🔮ALL December Comprehensive Readings: https://bit.ly/2JOlZLc

💥Time Stamps:
♐️ Sagittarius: 00:57 “The Mirror”… Happy Birthday!! 🎁🎂🥳
♑️ Capricorn: 36:24 “The Loyalty” … Happy Birthday to all the December Capricorns!! 🎁🎂🥳
♒️ Aquarius: 01:15:00 “Inaccessibility”
♓️ Pisces: 01:45:20 “Like a Laser”
♈️ Aries: 02:16:09 “Avenger”
♉️ Taurus: 02:47:18 “Void of Course”
♊️ Gemini: 03:14:08 “The Provoker”
♋️ Cancer: 03:49:25 “Keep Going“
♌️ Leo: 04:23:27 “Realistic Hopeless Romantic”
♍️ Virgo: 05:01:18 “Ice Queen”
♎️ Libra: 05:32:47 “The Empty Echo”
♏️ Scorpio: 05:58:27 “Ahead”
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– Love Tarot Reading – Jane International

Dec 3, 2021
Jane International Tarot & Astrology
133K subscribers

We have Neptune going direct in Pisces and a New Moon Total Eclipse in Sagittarius with Mars still in Scorpio – Emotional much? Yes indeed – do not feel “out of whack” if those emotions are bubbling… we have a lot of deep emotion surfacing for healing right now. The trick is to be able to express ourselves as needed and when its’ needed. Mercury in Sagittarius is helping us to keep a higher perspective on things, but it’s also important to consciously bring it down to a lower level – a level of communication that is easy for just about any one to understand. Not everyone operates in high, philosophical places.

Venus also comes into her connection with Pluto here as she is slowing WAY down preparing for her retrograde on the 19th. Relationships and finances are definitely a point of focus for us as we alter our approach to either or both.

Important December Transits:

December 1st: Neptune Direct in Pisces
December 4th: New Moon Total Solar Eclipse – Sagittarius 12°22’
December 13th: Mars Enters Sagittarius
December 13th: Mercury Enters Capricorn
December 18th: Full Moon Gemini
December 19th: Venus Retrograde
December 19th: Chiron Direct
December 21st: Sun Enters Capricorn
December 24th: Saturn Square Uranus (3rd Time!)
December 28th: Jupiter Enters Pisces

💥Time Stamps:

Relationship Reading: 00:32
Singles Reading: 18:35

 Thank you all so much! I cannot extend enough gratitude for all of you!

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