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Nov 26, 2021
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Neptune goes direct this week! So there may be an air of “dreaminess” and perhaps a bit of idealism – which can be good so long as you express your expectations to your romantic partners! We are also preparing for this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius which helps us to expand and set new intentions for our own growth and ascension of consciousness. Venus continues to progress slowly toward her conjunction with Pluto – which truly transforms the expectations and values within a relationship. It is important to communicate with others how you are changing and not expect them to understand what you need as this “newer version” of yourself… partners are not mind readers – so be direct and honest (Mercury in Sagittarius!) and don’t hold back.

Important November Transits:
November 5th: Venus enters Capricorn, Mercury enters Scorpio
November 10th: Mars Squares Saturn (Mars in Scorpio, Saturn in Aquarius)
November 12th: Sun Trines Neptune (Sun in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces)
November 15th: Sun squares Jupiter (Sun in Scorpio, Jupiter in Aquarius)
November 17th: Mars Opposes Uranus November 17th: Venus enters Shadow Phase in Capricorn
November 19th: Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (27° 14” Taurus)
November 21st: Sun enters Sagittarius
November 24th: Mercury enters Sagittarius
December 1st: Neptune Direct in Pisces
💥Time Stamps:
Relationship Reading: 00:35
Singles Reading: 16:07
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Thank you all so much! I cannot extend enough gratitude for all of you!
❤️🤗🙏 Jane

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