DNA AWAKENING: “We Are Entering One Of The Most Critical Periods Ever!” – Pay Attention!

Clarifying message inspires us to action! There is a Declaration we can decree (use closed captioning) to help us clear personal timelines that no longer serve us, to allow our higher vibrational timelines to manifest. The significance of this eclipse cycle (Usually a cycle of 3) starting with the one we had on the 19th, can’t be understated. The effects go forward at least 6 months. See text below the video:

“We Are Entering One Of The Most Critical Periods Ever!” – Pay Attention!

Nov 19, 2021
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This channeled message explains that we are entering one of the most critical eras in our collective human history, and our determination to stay away from distractions and remain in our chosen illumined frequency is critical at this time in order to contribute to the global shift in awareness that is already underway.

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