Tania Gabrielle: [Happy October!] The Spiritual Definition of Wealth

Today we welcome the 10th month of the year, and this year October resonates to the wonderful number 6!

10.2021 = 1+0 + 2+0+2+1 = 6

6 is a vibration of love, nurturing and wealth!

“Wealth” carries a multitude of meanings. You can be a person of wealth, indicating affluence and riches. You can exhibit a wealth of ideas, indicating a big supply of resources.
You can feel wealthy, indicating a fortunate state of being. It’s this final description that lies the closest to the ORIGINAL meaning of the word.

Wealth is derived from the Old English “weal” which means well-being, prosperity or happiness.

Wealth is Well-Being!

Imagine the shift within you as a profound sense of well-being overflows your heart with gratitude…

Let’s journey deeper into Wealth by looking at the parts that make up the whole – the spiritual symbolism of each letter in the word WEALTH:

W is Well-being and Wealth, a person Welcoming light and love.
E faces the future, Eager and Energized for fresh Experiences.
A is creative Action, focused and confident, original and Ambitious.
L is open to speak and sing about Love, Life and Liberty.
T is strong and balanced, carrying the Timeless wisdom of the ages.
H is an open window to Heaven and earth, a source of infinite power.

WEALTH is a fusion of beautiful qualities. In the same way, your star code is a fusion of all the ways you are designed to magnetize wealth.

Exploring your birth promise enables prosperity consciousness to infuse your Soul.

So how do you uncover the secrets in your star code?

That’s where my new training, Star Code Success, comes in! It’s still open for exclusive enrollment to newsletter subscribers – but only for THREE more days!

* Each module reveals the magical qualities of your wealth code in an easy step-by-step format.
* You even receive a Personal List of all your Wealth Activations!
* All you need to do is watch your Success Code unfold…

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Love and Abundance,
Tania Gabrielle

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