Joni Patry: Saturn Square Uranus: What Is the Result of 2021

Wow, this is intense..Joni helps us recall events during the last cycle of these aspects going back many decades…which helps us predict future potentials… 1999…1988…intensity…stock market bubble burst 1999-2000 “Cycles don’t lie.” 2009-2010 famous people died…Michael Jackson, JFK Jr., Sarah Fawcett…Haiti earthquake in 2010…Mars in Ketu during 9/11/2001..major changes, financial crash, lots of death, suicides, revolutionary change and awakening..cycles repeat under same/similar aspects, thus Astrology is somewhat predictive and subject to interpretation. In a nutshell: Much death and destruction, major crisis, monumental change, like never before, endings in the last part of 2021. Healing for humanity on the other side of it all.

Saturn Square Uranus: What Is the Result of 2021

Sep 28, 2021
Joni Patry
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“As far as the month of October, we are going to have an important choice to make this month! We need to decide – Are we going to look at the glass half full or look at the glass half empty this month? I say this because we are going to have many impactful transits that will affect a lot of people.

The outside world is a reflection of our inner world, this is a concept most cannot imagine as  the outer circumstances are so confusing. In essence, what your perception is within is what you will see in the outer world. I know with all the ugliness in the world, most will ask how can that be a part of me? The outside world’s circumstances have nothing to do with me.   

What is about to happen is the accumulation of all the events are finally surfacing and the law of cause and effect will produce its results. 

There are no quick answers with propaganda so prevalent right now. I know everyone wants the truth to come out and justice to prevail. But there is a major split on what people believe, and they are adamant that they are right. Everyone believes what they believe is right and they are not going to be swayed. Actually people are going to believe what they want to believe regardless of the facts. There is confirmation for both sides in the mass media. If you want to believe the President is doing a good or bad job, you will listen to the media that supports this. Aside from what is right or wrong, let’s dig deeper to see why people believe what they want to believe, and what this is based on. 

The human psyche is extremely sensitive and the subconscious mind never forgets. So in essence, every event in one’s life directs the person’s opinion as to what they will believe. If a person experiences injustices and prejudice they will believe whatever gives them a sense of justice in the outside world. It gives them a sense of justice for their experiences. Those who are angry about prejudice have experienced prejudice. Those who have experienced deep betrayal will believe what gives them justice for the betrayal. At the core of everyone’s psyche, we all want justice. Psychologically the mass media knows exactly how to play with people’s psyche and emotions. 

So we all look to the outside world to represent our own healing and expect justice to be served according to our own past experiences. We are all different and have different pasts and have different beliefs based on this. 

Because events are so extreme pertaining to justice and right and wrong at this time, people are becoming more and more angry. It seems as though there are no repercussions for any wrongdoing. If justice is what we all want, then the lack of justice is creating more and more anger.  We are all asking why!

If life and our worldly existence is for spiritual growth then this is the only way we can deal with this big question of why. We cannot get caught up in the anger of all the apparent injustices occurring now. It is a very valuable time to look within and understand what in our own past is contributing to our beliefs. Once you can reconcile your past feelings of justice, the more you will grow and begin to see the world through a completely different lens, but this does take understanding and compassion. 

The outside world is a complex combination of all human emotions concerning the vast injustices occurring now. One thing to realize is you cannot change others opinions and deep feelings of injustice, mainly because you don’t own those feelings. Never invalidate others feelings. But you can come to terms with your own and this will bring you peace. 

I know we all want justice now, but the truth always prevails and it  takes time. It is time to be patient because when you truly know something, you don’t need to convince others. To try to convince others actually means, on some level, you are not completely sure of your own beliefs and are in some way trying to convince yourself. Everything that is happening now is to bring the truth to the surface so we can be healed. 

Many of the world’s injustices have to be revealed so everything happening now is in Divine order. Do not worry; all the injustices will be seen clearly so the healing will begin. The real purging is about to take place and it will look very destructive. Everything has to be happening the way it is happening to bring justice. 

I believe the year 2020 is indicative of hindsight being 20/20. Right now, we are in the eye of the hurricane and will not be able to see the results until much later. Historically, when intense emotion surrounding events is over and we look back at the events and what resulted, we see the truth clearly. We can now look back at the VietNam war and see the truth clearly. This period of time will even be clearer as our hindsight will be 20/20. The result and realizations of all that is going on will surface to eliminate the injustices of this time. We are evolving into a much better world but we still have to go through the fire to heal the world. Use this time to heal yourself and you will emerge into a brighter more evolved world. 

What is happening astrologically in October is imperative to this major purging happening now. The next three months will be the most intense. The aspects are very unusual this month. So let me explain exactly what is occurring because there is so much happening. 

Mercury is retrograde this month until October 18,  and when it turns direct, Jupiter will turn direct on the same day, Mercury at 15 degrees Virgo (exact degree of exaltation), and Jupiter at 28 degrees Capricorn. This means it is a turning point as both planets change direction to move forward. 

Saturn also turns direct the same week as Mercury and Jupiter on October 11th. But the degree at which  it is stationing, 13 degrees of Capricorn, sits in its debilitation sign in the navamsha (D9 chart). This means what looks righteous (Saturn in Capricorn) will have a difficult and damaging result. 

But the worst aspect of this month is around the new Moon as the Sun and Moon conjoin at 19 degrees Virgo exactly with Mars and all three are exactly quincunx (8/6) Uranus at 19 degrees Aries. Also Jupiter is aspecting these planets (trine). Jupiter can magnify and make things bigger for good or bad. This means something will occur suddenly and unexpectedly.  The days when the Sun and Mars are together are always violent, which is most of this month and will be at the same degree on October 6 – 9. This event involves great anger and a possible attack. The timing is exactly October 8 at 21 degrees. However, sometimes there is an event that leads up to the big events that I keep calling the grand finale. One thing I can assure you is that the truly righteous law of cause and effect will be in charge. This is occurring in the 10th house on natal Saturn in the U.S.A. chart, this represents anger and violence will break out in the U.S. involving the government, leaders, and the President. 

This will be a very intense time for the world and particularly this can bring another global health crisis. Expect many lockdowns across the world due to the Delta variant. However, I will emphasize again that these lockdowns will be temporary and, by early next year, we will be opening up to a whole new world. For those who are not aware of astrological transits, this will be a very frustrating time. People are going to feel repressed and restricted because of the limitations that this lockdown will impose. We can expect to see more protests, violence, and anger emerge as a result. 

There are also a few yods occurring. The yod is called the “finger of God” meaning that it is all out of our hands, and events are set into motion. Neptune will exactly quincunx Mercury and the Sun. As Neptune and Uranus sit in a sextile, they form a yod with the planets in Virgo (Sun, Mercury and Mars). Mercury/Sun quincunx Neptune means deep and great deception is occurring and when it is all revealed it will be more shocking than can be imagined. Something big is going on and about to come down. A Great Awakening is occurring and it involves the entire world. This is a global plan. Around the Full Moon of October 20th Venus will quincunx Uranus and sextile Mercury and Mars creating another yod this month. The fact that Uranus is involved in these yods means to expect the unexpected! 

Because Rahu is now in the nakshatra Krittika, many are being falsely accused. The myth behind this portion of the zodiac pertains to the Pleiades, the weeping sisters, who were falsely accused of infidelity with their husbands. During this time between now and next July 2022, there will be many betrayals and injustices. The truth concerning the media which is ruled by Mercury will begin to unravel and reveal the truth, but only because of their own injustices. 

Lastly, the major aspect occurring between Saturn square Uranus is extremely poignant. This occurs every 11 -12 years, and this cycle always concerns major events that involve earthquakes and airline crashes. This aspect has a strong effect now and will continue through the next four months. 

This is an extremely volatile time globally. This is time for all the injustices to be revealed and there will be a major destructive purging to heal the world and ourselves. This is a part of the healing that we choose to be part of.”

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