Inspired: Hold The Line – We’re In The Storm | INSPIRED 2021 (Jean Nolan) INTRO Visuals and full Livestream REPLAY

Hold The Line – We’re In The Storm | INSPIRED 2021 (Jean Nolan)

Sep 2, 2021

240K subscribers

Don’t look at this as isolated events, it’s all part of a much greater plan & there’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel.
⁃ Jean Nolan, Co-Founder of the INSPIRED Channel

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“Then finally we’ll see more choices made from love than from fear. This is not a time any more to acquiesce to the bully. The bully is the psychopaths that want to dictate where you can go when you can go and what you can do, what you cannot do, what you believe, what you should not believe, what you should be able to see and hear.”

202 | Hold The Line, We’re In The Storm | INSPIRED Livestream 8/30/21 | 2PM CDT

Streamed live on Aug 30, 2021

240K subscribers

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► If you feel like giving up – DON’T!
▶︎ There is order in all of the chaos.
► But we need to understand it.
► See it & remain active in the process.
► Let’s talk about it!
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