New Earth Rising: Choose New Earth

Forever Unlimited Consciousness ✨, [05.09.21 23:26]
[Forwarded from New Earth Rising

💫💗💫 With every thought and deed, we choose between the New Earth and the old.

💫The tell-tale sign you are choosing the New Earth, is that you feel love and optimism with out any sort of denial about the chaos that is unfolding in the world around you.

💗Anger, resentment and blame are the already chiseled roads that we must be careful not to slip into. The easier path is the path of fear and control. At least in the beginning, so it can be a challenge to tip-toe past it and not get snared.

💫It’s time for us to actively forge the path that steers away from battles laid out by the dark controllers. Now we hop off of the repetitive loop now.

💫Love and curiosity along with a relentlessly fierce compassion will anchor the New Earth into our open and curious hearts.

💫Let’s do this together!!

💫💗 We are the New Earth!! 💗💫

May be an image of lake, tree, sky and nature

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