Kari Samuels: September 2021 Astrology Forecast – Tune into your Soul

September 2021 Astrology Forecast – Tune into your Soul

Aug 30, 2021
Kari Samuels
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September 2021 Astrology Forecast for All 12 Zodiac Signs. Virgo Season is here! The Earth Goddess is here to help you tune into your soul. We begin the month with our Sun and Mars in this earthy sign.

Virgo teaches you to go within to discern what is nourishing for you, and what you need to let go of. In numerology, September 2021 is a 5 Universal Month. 2021 is also a 5 Universal Year. 5 is a number of CHANGE, experimenting, and trying new things. Yet, this is not a time for haste.

Mercury goes retrograde on September 27th. We also have five of our outer and social planets retrograde. Retrogrades guide you inward, to review what is best for your life so you can revision your future.

In this astrology and numerology forecast, I share with you 3 essential practical steps to make positive changes for a healthy and happy future.

Video chapters: 0:00
Introduction to September astrology 0:28
Virgo season 3:47
September numerology 5:50
Retrograde planets 8:10
Creat healthy habits 9:42
Slow down and go within 11:01
Tune into your body’s wisdom 12:15
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