Forever Unlimited Consciousness ✨, [24.08.21 03:08]

Many people are having a very tough time right now…. leaving jobs, moving, or forced out of either one of those. Losing friends, division within families is part of it. Simply for making a personal choice they want you to think is the dominant mindset.
😒🖐💉🦠🤖 vs 😏💊🇺🇸🥰

However, holding to one’s own autonomy is important. 🧘🏻The more we take care of ourselves in this way, being true to ourselves, the more we will draw like-minded people into our lives whose hearts align with our perspective. Then we begin to see that we are not alone in this, even if, like me, you live in an area where your view is the exception.

America would not have risen to be the great country it was, is in our hearts…and still can be, without people who were willing to buck the system 🐎 and stand up to tyranny. ⚖️🗽Look to 🇫🇷France, fed up with lack of true representation, look to 🇦🇺Australia, which is pretty much fed up with it’s 6th lockdown. It is human nature to desire autonomy and freedom. Why else do so many around the world want to come to the USA? 🇺🇸

Here in the United States, I sincerely do not want us to have civil unrest and division, nor do I want forced mandates and lockdowns. This is not about a virus “threat” (that has a 99% survival rate), it is a control agenda, about conformity and obedience. It utilizes a planned infiltration with violence to induce fear and enforce those controls through chaos and restriction.

I know some do not care for my sharing of more serious subject matter, but I seek to simply bring more attention to those topics, not to frighten anyone.  We should be beyond fear at this point, because their actions are so transparent, even if some refuse to see what is transpiring, or even look. We the People should be uniting against tyranny, not fighting each other.  This is a spiritual and psychological battle where the enemy seeks to vilify you for disagreeing with the status quo, as they gaslight you into surrender. They want you to be afraid to express yourself. HOLD THE LINE.

We are Sovereign beings, each gifted by God with intelligence, heart, soul and spirit, ✨within a sacred vessel, our body. Nothing is worth acquiescing or compromising this gift of life, vitality and body wisdom.  Be strong. Be resilient. Have faith. Reflect before action. Meditate. Trust in God and in your own ability to navigate, as we collectively move into uncharted territory.  Never give up. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with.

We are living through a paradigm shift. It is not without growing pains. We are in this together, for the long haul. We are learning to care for ourselves better so that we can bring more to the table to be there for those who need us, those we love and care for. So much love, abundance, creative expression, healing and advancement is just around the  corner for humanity. Advanced technology to heal our bodies and our planet. This is not the Eve of Destruction, it is the relinquishment and clearing of what no longer serves us, to make room for something better.

This journey is all about consciousness. As we elevate our thoughts, lighten our hearts, find gratitude and joy in the simple things, remember our traditions, we become immune to the fear narrative, because in higher vibration, the lower energies are diminished. Sure, we are battle weary, so take breaks from the noise, spend time in nature to reflect and refresh yourselves, rekindle your spark.🔥


(continued below)  👇🏽👇👇🏿👇🏾

Forever Unlimited Consciousness ✨, [24.08.21 03:08]
(continued from above) 👆🏼👆🏾👆🏿👆

Whether your style is to softly red-pill 💊those you meet with simple truths, (this is how I meet like-minded people while living in a sea of conformists) or stand up shouting and waving a flag🇺🇸 —be true to yourself.  Remember to smile and express joy and  gratitude, be kind to all, including those who are angry, afraid or think they know better. Some day they will see. Just focus on your passions, walk your talk. Be you. No one is better at it! Don’t isolate yourself. We are all in this together. Let’s make it a beautiful journey. These are amazing times!

Phoenix Boulay
August 24, 2021


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