Elizabeth April: Trigger⚠️Warning: 5D & The V + Vaxx & C*vid Truth Bomb + We Got Abducted Last Night…

Trigger⚠️Warning: 5D & The V

Streamed live on Jun 28, 2021
Elizabeth April
130K subscribers


Watch this before you unsubscribe. I have triggered many people in the past two weeks with my perspective of the V. Let me lay out the 3D, 4D and 5D vibrations for you. Watch until the end and if it doesn’t resonate then this channel may not be for you 😌👽

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Vaxx & C*vid Truth Bomb (Elizabeth April)

Streamed live on Mar 1, 2021
Elizabeth April
130K subscribers

Alright fam jam! Keep an open mind and open heart while listening to this. I am not trying to convince anyone or push my beliefs, I’m just here relaying a message. My mission is only to raise the vibration. love you all, thanks for being here!

[Much more in the YT description box]

…and a bit of fun, but a lesson to the wise..don’t arbitrarily invite unknown ET’s in!

We Got Abducted Last Night…

Streamed live on Aug 16, 2021
Elizabeth April
130K subscribers

This is not the video I expected to do… but something strange happened last night and I’d like to share the experience with you! Has EA impacted your life!?

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Searching for Truth, Love, Happiness, connection to Alien Disclosure, Quantum Physics, Angels and Spirit Guides? Well… you’ve come to the right place!! Elizabeth April loves to channel information about The Mandela Effect, Vibrational Frequency, The After Life, Spirit Guides, Aliens, The Galactic Federation of Light, Dimensions, Crystals… and so much more! Open your Third Eye & Expand with Elizabeth April! *If EA mentions a fact or references science or technology it is not channeled, she will always state her sources if not channeled

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