Borean Calling: The Great Awakening Vs The Great Reset

Forever Unlimited Consciousness ✨, [08.08.21 17:43]
[Forwarded from Borean Calling (R)]

The Great Awakening Vs The Great Reset

All is ready, special event coming soon.
Heaven prepared for serious war.

We already know how it’s going to end.
For that which is determined shall be done.

Look forward and see your destiny.
Picture our future of love and peace.

Get knowledge wisdom understanding.

Say the truth, the full armor of God.
Rigorous yet tactful honesty.

Let the truth guide you through.
Integrity points in the matrix.

Open the matrix release the captives.

Anyone who experiences great delusions.
They really are fooling themselves.

They are fighting against themselves.
Fighting for their own enslavement.

Do you remember when you woke up?
Awake in the dream world of illusions.

Unmotivated to live in illusion.
Give more than is given to you.

I can’t fix my family, I can accept them and love them.

We will get out of the matrix when.
The meek will take over this matrix.

You can change the world but not alone.
There has to be enough force behind it also.

You need every one of you.
You were destined to come together.

We stand together to create reality

The world is governed by the unseen.
Inhabitants of the infrared spectrum.

They all want you to stop.
Causing commotion in satans kingdom.

Those hiding behind the veil are all devils.
Lift the veil expose the serpents.

The feds and the news media is one enemy against the people.
They really need to stop pretending they’re right.

Why are we keeping the lie going?
This is the pinnacle of corruption.

See the signs of the truth of reality.
MK ultra propoganda is our reality.

This is a CIA misinformation program.

It’s been like this for years and years.
The people you trust the most.

They play with your emotions.
They are all involved and all denying it.

The hidden secret agenda against humanity.
Worldwide population reduction.

It was as bad as you can imagine times ten.
There is no excuse for their actions.

Being rich does not make you enlightened.
They make secrets to feel superior.

There are no secrets where we are going.

Trial and judgement can start as all is in order.
Just be ready any time it could happen.

A White House long in denial confronts reality.
False power given to satanic cult.

Hold the line riders justice is coming.
Lies that bind the wicked are now broken.

Destroy the satanic health system.
Infect elites with their own plague.

Permanent healing only comes from God.

And to you satan your time is up.

The satanist inner circle destroyed.
Protected people lose protection.

The laws of the saturn are now void.
They stumbled over the stumbling stone.

We have them cornered now and all boxed in.
The house of cards gets blown by wind.

The perfect storm of El the most high.
I oppress the oppressors of man.

Wrath of eternal God who is I am that I am.
He destroys the synagogue of Satan.

Trumpets will be sounding soon.

And the judgement of god shall be upon thee.
Day of judgement is glory for the meek.

The horrible days great tribulation.
And ye are witnesses of these things.

Please don’t cry I come to you soon
Concentrate on only the positive.

Who ever said it was an easy process?
God will carry you through this.

And he shall give his angels charge over thee.
Calling all angels to serve and protect.

Theyre quick, theyre fast and theyre strong.

Wonderful love vibrations are here.
Outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Soon I will be able to perform miracles.
I will show them signs and wonders.

Supernatural sequence of events.
Miraculous synchronizations.

Sensory activation such as solar radiation.
Spontaneous transformations.

The eyes of your spirit are opened.
Our kingdom is expanding, all praises.

God is hidden in our dna the double spiral.
He upholds the cause of the oppressed.

Follow your heart and nothing else.
Divine cognition comes from the heart.

All hearts point in the same direction.
Your heart is mine and my heart is yours.

Love should come natural, love more.
What is humanity without love?

I just want to see people smiling.
Because we bring happiness to others.

Be always joyful.
Don’t forget what it is like to be alive.

I love you just the way you are.
Infinity, eternally, forever love.


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