So long to The General

Scott, I am so sorry to hear the news. Many Blessings to The General, and to You and Yours through the bittersweet challenges and joys of this journey. We appreciate you sharing your beloved father with us. Some day we’ll all meet on the other side of this mortal coil. Until that day, we Salute you, General, and send legions of Angels to usher you safely home. 💔⁠🙏⁠ 🇺🇸⁠

Patriot Streetfighter, [06.08.21 17:14]
[Forwarded from Patriot Streetfighter (Scott McKay Patriot Streetfighter)]
[ Photo ]

I am with The General and here are 2 of his bedside pics. I’m afraid to tell you all that we ran out of time to get him into the EE System.

I’m here to hand him back to Source… God’s plans for The General are nearly complete. I’ll let you all know when that moment arrives. Please put into the Universe a prayer send-off that he has rightly earned as a fierce Patriot and lover of America. His victory for humanity will be delivered in an ongoing Patriot Streetfighter mission.

I am very grateful to all of you for giving him what you have given him in the last 18 months. It has truly been the ride of his life.


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