Molly McCord: Aquarius Full Moon ♒- Illuminating Your Authentic Self ✨ Energizing Your Bigger Dreams

Aquarius Full Moon ♒- Illuminating Your Authentic Self
✨ Energizing Your Bigger Dreams

Jul 11, 2021
Molly McCord
114K subscribers

The Aquarius Full Moon at 1 degrees brings new emotional awareness to the energies of the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in late December, while also revealing more about your own authentic needs. A new cycle of consciousness began with the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction that is now rising up with new understanding and potentials.

Aquarius is the energy of knowingness and holding a vision for your life that inspires you on a very personal level. The energies are electrifying and energizing, even if it feels like the whole picture is not quite clear or visible.
You may feel rebellious, impatient, agitated, or ready for change at any cost.

The personal planets are each in an opposition to an outer planet, creating the experience of tension and a push-pull dynamic that may be frustrating to navigate as you feel clearer on where you want to be. More to share in this chart video.

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