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Jul 18, 2021
prophetic vessel


“People around you, they can’t take your truth. They’d rather you lie to them…then you be real with them. Those are the people you should not be surrounding yourself with to begin with, because that mindset that they have, it rubs off on you the wrong way, and you end up shrinking back within yourself, and not allow yourself to be your Authentic Self, because the people you surround yourself with can’t take that about you.

What I mean by that is there are people in life who are so consistent in living a lie. People who don’t mind living a life of illusion, knowing the truth…..People who wake up every day living the life of a lie, because that is different than living a life of truth and being real.

…There are people out there who hate themselves so they they start hating on another person, because it makes them feel better. So that’s what they do on a regular…its a religion, it’s a tradition, they can’t help it, it’s embedded in them through their trauma. They find comfort in other people’s pain.

And that’s where people have it twisted with you Sagittarius, they already think that they have such an impact on you, to cause you pain, through what they do and what they say…but they don’t realize that you are NOT who they think you are.

Truth is, Sagittarius, you’re real, authentic and true but there’s a side…you’re not ready… you could never reveal your true, true self to people. You know that nobody could be ready to handle that. I don’t care partner or family, friends…they can’t handle that…that power and authenticity that comes with that’s like you FORCE people to step out of their comfort zone and their shell, and that’s not O.K. for people, you know, they don’t like that. They enjoy being content and settled where they’re at.

And you never settle, you always go HARD at things. You never look at something as too big, because you want to expand each time, and this comes in expanding your life, your mindset, expanding your financial stability,…expansion as a whole. And people that want to approach you, they don’t have that sort of mindset. That’s why things never really work out for them because they try to be who you would want to be, who they think you would want to be around, and they are never their true, Authentic selves in that, in the process of that.

You need to slow down. I don’t know if it’s that you are trying to get your point across. Maybe you feel like people are not understanding what you say…or misinterpreting people are putting words in your mouth, or wanting you to say certain things…

People want you to move a certain way, speak a certain way, present yourself in a certain way. They have a vision of who they want you to be, but they don’t realize that that vision, it has nothing to do with you. It’s what they created in their minds, and it is not your job to conform to that! It’s not your job to make people feel good at your expense. If somebody should be in your life, they would be. You wouldn’t have to try so hard, nor would you be confused about the connection. I am talking about friendship, love and family.

There’s some family members, man, who don’t even deserve your time, and your care. You see, you care about people, Sagittarius, even if you do it from a distance. You squash people out of your life, you disappear on them. You just don’t care for them. You hold no grudge for them, but it’s different because they’ll hold a grudge against you. And you can’t help that with people, that they feel bound to your attention and your success, they want to feed off that or feed off you for them to feel good about themselves they need you around. But see, do you really love me? Or do you just love what it is I bring to the table.

You see that’s why you need to evaluate your circum- evaluate your environment, and yourself IN that environment. What is it that you re getting out of it? It’s not you being selfish and wanting to just take take take, it’s for a change. For a change, you just need to take, Sagittarian. You gave a lot. There’s a lot that you gave. You see, but most of the time, you never got back. You didn’t give with the intent that you want to get back, you gave from a genuine space and a genuine heart.

So like I’m saying, people out there living a life of illusion, you never did that, you don’t move like that. You don’t move with ill intent, or move pretending to be something that you’re not, you always wear it raw. That’s why when you have a group of people, a circle that you surround yourself with, they should be on the same frequency and wavelength as you. They cannot be below that. Either they match you or they’re not for you…don’t try and forcefully..not forcefully but..I know what you do.

You see the potential in people, therefore you try to make them see that in themselves. But that’s not your job, Sagittarian. You can help them, but if they are not willing to be helped and can’t receive that, or they think you’re trying to change them, or you think you’re better than them. But when you are trying to better them, they see it as you think you are better than them..but you are trying to better them. You can’t really evolve them. Your evolution, like I said, requires a certain effort of Ascension. People we evolve every day…some people they choose to remain stagnant. They don’t like the positive evolution because that requires a huge sense of change within one’s life that they cannot take within themselves, so they choose to remain stagnant. It’s not your problem!

And that’s the thing. Please understand, it’s not your problem. It’s not your problem, whatever, it’s not your problem. IT’S NOT YOUR PROBLEM. You can’t always be there for people, you can’t always extend yourself for people. You can’t always be their helping hand. ‘I’m not here to be your friend, so you can feed off me, I’m here to be your friend so we can evolve and grow together.’
‘I’m not here to be your partner so you can take from me what I bring to the table, I’m here so we can take from each other in a healthy way so we can expand individually AND together.’

You cannot afford to be wasting your time with people and things that don’t make you feel good. It’s time to pamper yourself, truly and honestly. Spend it! You’re going to make it back. Do it! What’s going to stop you? What harm have you done by just loving yourself, pampering yourself and evolving and expanding. You’re nto doing anybody harm. People make you out to seem like a bad guy, like you’re doing something wrong all the time when you’re just focusing on you. But when you’re focusing on them– When you were little…when you were a small fish..when you weren’t the big guns…When you were just coming up, average…when you were small..they liked you then. They liked you, right? They admired you then. They didn’t mind you, they tolerated you….

But now that you’re that you’re expanding and now that you’re rising to the top…IT’S A PROBLEM. They don’t like you because they feel you are surpassing them. They don’t understand, your intent is not to surpass them, because you’ve already done that a thousand times. Their mindset and your mindset is not the same, therefore you are way above them, even if their position in life is greater than yours. They don’t understand that you ARE…you can’t even explain yourself, man. There are certain things in life where you reach a point.. ‘I don’t need to explain myself to you. I don’t even need to do that any more. I don’t even need to move like that. I’m cool.’

Sometimes you think you let it go, let it slide. I know it’s especially good for you to let things slide, but you don’t want to be disrespected. Especially being lied to! But certain things, you need to be like , ‘OK, cool.’ You can’t be explaining yourself. You can’t afford that, man. You’re wasting your time. Go out and find people who actually do match your wavelength, that you don’t need to explain yourself constantly to them., and try to carry them with you on your back, and you feel heavy because you’re doing all the heavy lifting.

I’m talking all aspects of your life, whatever, work, career, finances, love, whatever, you can’t be carrying them all the time. Who’s going to carry you? Because now you’re going to be slouchy, because you’re carrying these people. Man, LET THEM GO! You gotta expand, you can’t afford to be carrying dead weight! I don’t mean to say it like that, but that’s how it is.

Certain people want to just settle in life, and just be there, just be, they don’t want to expand and evolve and see things. THAT’S NOT YOUR PROBLEM. You can’t put that on yourself like that, like you owe it to the people. Even if the people were there for you, and they loved you, but it’s like you can’t take them with you if they are not willing to get out of where they are at. They cut themselves, you can’t force people out of a place they’re content with being in, because then you seem like you want to change them or you think you’re better than than them.

That mindset is DEAD, It’s heavy dead weight that you don’t need to be carrying for others. They need to be able to expand within themselves alone, and meet you there. You don’t need to carry them the whole way. That’s not on you, that’s not your job. STOP IT. That heavy dead weight? LET THAT GO! You’ve got things to do. You’ve got a destiny to fulfill, prophecy to live. You’ve got a lot of things awaiting you that God has set and stored for you through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior, and through the Holy Spirit that you’ve been anointed with. It’s not your fault that you were chosen, man. It’s not your fault that you are who you are. It’s not your fault that you’re anointed, IT’S NOT A FAULT. It is what it is. They can’t handle it? THAT’S NOT YOUR PROBLEM. YOU HANDLE IT.


Anyway, Sagittarius. Let them handle their own. You handle your own. Handle business, man. Handle what pays you. Handle it.

Thank you.

Hey Sagittarius, this is your next 48, I hope that this helped, I hope that this is of significance to your life, all the information I like to give that you might be looking for. If you’d like a personal reading or spiritual path reading, you can find information in the description box below. Once again I thank you for your time and faith.”

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