Pam Georgel: New Moon In Cancer July 10th 2021 Psychic Crystal Reading

New Moon In Cancer July 10th 2021 Psychic Crystal Reading
by Pam Georgel

Jul 5, 2021

Pamela Georgel
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Earth 2:38 Water 7:19 Fire 11:59 Air 16:18

Good morning friends of TLM on FB! Please be sure to check out my “New Moon In Cancer July 10th 2021 Psychic Crystal Reading” now posted to my YouTube Channel!

During the affects of the upcoming New Moon in Cancer July 10th 2021, home will be a safe haven for many. Remember these effects will last for 2 weeks and up to 30 days.

Depressive feelings could crop up, As well as moodiness. So feeling sensitive and emotional is likely.

Do your best to avoid ruminating and over thinking things that could lead you to experience overwhelming sadness.Your family will be of utmost importance for some of you now.

You may receive unexpected blessings in regard to your work or a new job could come to you at this time.

Showing extra care and loving kindness to children who are hurting or have experienced trauma is advised while the New Moon is in Cancer. It’s wise and advised to nurture your closest relationships.

Also if you’re interested, my “Psychic Crystal Readings for July 2021 For Each Zodiac Sign” are available on Vimeo:

I wish you all loving and caring energy to bless your lives from this New Moon in Cancer energy!
Pam ~ The Lucky Mermaid LLC


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