Lee Harris Energy: July Energy Update: Creational Flow, Higher Mind Emergence, The Car Crash of Deception Energy

July Energy Update: Creational Flow, Higher Mind Emergence,
The Car Crash of Deception Energy

Jul 1, 2021
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The July #EnergyUpdate has arrived! We have several themes this month, including:
💫 Creational Flow – how the energy of creation is now in flow and will be through the end of the year;
💫 The Energy of Busyness – the new emergence of the busyness on the planet. How are you doing with it, how are you reacting to it, how are you responding;
💫 #HigherMind Emergence – this month: July Quiet Mind – the best divisions and clarities will come from the moments where you can quiet your mind down.
💫 The Car Crash of Deception Energy – how you are responding to the revealing of deception. Watch the full Energy Update for these themes and more, and I wish you a wonderful month ahead. Big love, Lee x

▶️ July Themes:
02:00 – Creational Flow – now through end of year – birthing + building
– The Energy of Busyness – does it trigger you, are you jumping onboard, or are you resisting?
– Allowance – How much can you allow to come to and through you this month
11:34 – Higher Mind Emergence: July – Quiet Mind – loud whispers happen here
– The Car Crash of Deception Energy – lies and manipulation revealing itself (Power Struggles)
18:33 – Birth Energy on Steroids – Some of you will be hyper- birthing
20:38 – Otherworld Contact – Other words and dimensions – the veil continues to thin

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