Weekly Intuitive Astrology and Energies of June 16 to 23 ~ Podcast

A really beautiful forecast about Self-Mastery (Suns moves into Cancer) Self-Empowerment (Mercury goes direct in Gemini) and Self-Love (Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces)

WOW I am listening to Molly McCord..talk about the energies we are feeling this week. When people in your life don’t support you and seem to be working against you..she says “You need people in your world who see you for who you are, but that requires that you see yourself.” …because you need to gently but firmly reflect back to people how they come across, “especially when they think they are being helpful, but they are actually projecting their fears on you.”..and how you can not take it on, but instead reflect it back to them. You can say “If you are in this place in your life, I get that, it’s not for you, and that’s OK, but I need people in my life who support me” etc. or reflecting back that if they are not ready for what you are ready for, that’s OK, just reflect it back to them and set a limit.

She says the energies as we move into Cancer season and are more sensitive, so others can take objection to us for simply expressing who we are, and that can undermine our confidence and cloud our self-perspective, which is why it is important to be clear about who you are and what works and doesn’t work for you, and not take on their projections.

(I have seen this exact situation reflected in my life recently in several interactions.)

Molly McCord gets into it around the 19-minute mark..being solid and clear about who you are and how you can rise up (so others can not unduly influence you) “Mastery is acquired in containment.”..and she goes on for several minutes on how you are being tested in how to stand in your truth, and stand in your power…despite the chaos and all the “shoulds” thrown at you. Don’t take it on! It’s OK for people to gravitate to what resonates, and walk away from what doesn’t!

Weekly Intuitive Astrology and Energies of June 16 to 23 ~ Podcast

•Jun 16, 2021
Molly McCord
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The middle of June transitions us from Gemini into Cancer solar rays on the Solstice, the same day as Jupiter stations retrograde at 2 degrees Pisces. The Cancer energies bring us into our emotional truth and trusting what we need at the heart level.

Mercury stations direct on June 22 at 16 degrees Gemini, and now it will be easier to speak your truth and say what has been on your mind from a place of power and confidence. There will be opportunities to express what you need and want from a place that rejects others’ projections, expectations, and ‘shoulds’ of your life – yes, it is that big! Much more to share in this podcast episode.

Thank you for watching! I appreciate all of your high vibes and what you have contributed to my new YT channel!

Many blessings~~ Molly https://www.instagram.com/moxiemolly11

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