A Warning from John Paul Rice

On telegram, I learn all kinds of things..is learning things considered a distraction? I actually found by doing a FB search that I had posted this video in August 2020 (and I was able to update my post with a working link.)

MUST WATCH: The most powerful and well-articulated, straightforward talk by a Producer of Hunger Games. He expresses his disillusionment in realizing that Hollywood, Political and Corporate Elites look the other way when it comes to human trafficking of children, pedophilia and worse. He cites many statistics, for example: Per UNICEF 40 MILLION people a year are trafficked globally ($150 Billion industry). 5.5 million children are trafficked annually. Human slavery and internment camps is occurring now in this day and age.

“These people don’t give a sh*t about anybody, and they get up there and they smile in front of you, and they are infiltrated into all the institutions, they own the politicians, right and left. What we are going to find out very soon is there aren’t Democrats and Republicans in the United States Government, there’s a Unified Cabal of controlled people who serve these powers, and they keep the theater going, for you and I to vote, every four years.” 

“The predators are not just raping and having sex and torturing and beating these kids, they are murdering them for pleasure. This is not a pedophile.These are psychopaths, and they have no remorse for what they are doing. What we need to do in this world is to protect all life on this planet, and the sacredness of children…because if we are going to make it through this time, with all the upheavals to come…socio-economic, racial, however you want to measure it, THIS is the unifying issue that the establishment will not give you a movement for, you’re going to have to do it on your own.

They will give you the “Me Too” movement because they can make it about hatred of men, and weaponize it, and make it political. They’ll give you the Black Lives Matter movement because they can weaponize it and make it political. They can have Colin Kaepernick take a knee, divide the country and he walks away with a check from Nike at a multi-tens of millions of dollars, NFL-Star level deal… while Nike has concentration camps, slave-labor workers, working in China at their factories, so our kids can have their Air Jordans. And Colin Kaepernick says nothing about that. Where are our Martin Luther-King Juniors, and our Malcolm X’s? They’re in celebrity culture.

All of these people who get up and say we live in an oppressive system are taking checks from white men, who are paying them. And why I’m saying this is because I’m so angry, because it ties into this abuse of human rights. We have to stop fighting each other and unite for this country and for this world, for our children.”

So much more in this stunning disclosure from an insider who is not WOKE but is extremely AWAKE and aware!

A Warning from John Paul Rice

WOW, POWERFUL John Paul Rice Message:

Crimes against our children from Hollywood, the Music Industry, Big Corporation, Politics & Government, Big Banks and International Leaders and The Vatican. Beyond a wake call!

No Restrictions Studios
Los Angeles, CA, USA

See A Child’s Voice (film)

Founded in 2008, No Restrictions Entertainment produces bold, cutting-edge and original stories that humanize issues rarely shown in Hollywood movies. Writer/Director Edgar Michael Bravo and Producer John Paul Rice are the company principles.

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What Are You? What Are You Really?
July 3, 2020 / 10 Comments
By John Paul Rice on Corey’s Digs


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