144K Mass Meditation: The 2nd International Worldwide Demonstration for Freedom is TOMORROW MAY 15th … Lets Support This! 

The 2nd International Worldwide Demonstration for Freedom
is TOMORROW MAY 15th …
Lets Support This! 

This will be a powerful day.

More than 180 places are participating in the World Wide Demonstration for FREEDOM on May 15th…
on March 20th it was only 40.

People all over the world will stand together in large numbers for freedom and human rights.

 Join this 20 minute Meditation at 4:30 AM GMT to Support The Success of these Demonstrations!

Note: this meditation was originally uploaded March 17th to support the first (very successful) Worldwide Demonstration. We will be doing this same meditation on May 14th/15th to support the 2nd Worldwide Demonstration for Freedom.

Time in your timezone here:

People are waking up! 

Local demonstrations are being organized on Telegram.

(An app which you can download to your phone or computer.) 

Needless to say…

A BIG heartfelt THANK YOU to all those gridworkers who buried cintamani stones
in so many of these locations over the last 5-6 years!

Here is a list of the demonstrations being organized all around the world – and it’s not to late for you to join in …

This is the official list for the WWD on May 15th

#wewillALLbethere ️

Australia, Melbourne: t.me/melbournefreedomrally 

Australia, Perth: t.me/perthfreedomrallydiscussion

Australia, Brisbane: t.me/brisbanefreedomrally

Australia, Sydney: t.me/sydneyfreedomrally

Australia, Cairns: t.me/australiafreedomrally

Australia, Fraser Coast: t.me/australiafreedomrally

Australia, Hobart: t.me/australiafreedomrally

Australia, Darwin: t.me/australiafreedomrally

Australia, Adelaide: t.me/AdelaideFreedomRally

Argentina, Buenos Aires: t.me/worldwide2buenosaires 

Argentina, Córdoba: t.me/worldwideCordoba

Argentina, Santa Fe – Santa Fe: t.me/WorldWideSantaFeArgentina

Argentina, Santa Fe – Rosario: t.me/WorldWideSantaFeArgentina

Brazil, São Paulo – t.me/worldwiderallybrasil

Bulgaria, Sofia – https://t.me/joinchat/OdaCKKOz0SU0MmY0

Belgium, Brussels – t.me/WWDBelgium 

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo – x

Canada, Toronto – t.me/worldwidecanada

Canada, Vancouver – t.me/worldwidecanada 

Canada, Calgary – t.me/worldwidecanada  

Canada, London – t.me/worldwidecanada

Canada, Whitby – t.me/worldwidecanada

Canada, Ottawa – t.me/worldwidecanada

Canada, St.John’s – t.me/worldwidecanada 

Canada, Charlottetown – t.me/worldwidecanada

Canada, Edmonton – t.me/worldwidecanada

Canada, Timmins – t.me/worldwidecanada

Canada, Victoria – t.me/worldwidecanada

Canada, Kirkland Lake – t.me/worldwidecanada

Canada, Kelowana – t.me/worldwidecanada

Canada, Halifax – t.me/worldwidecanada

Canada, Dartmouth – t.me/worldwidecanada

Canada, New Brunswick – t.me/worldwidecanada

Canada, Miramichi – t.me/worldwidecanada

Canada, Nelson – t.me/worldwidecanada

Canada, Sudbury – t.me/worldwidecanada

Canada, Windsor – t.me/worldwidecanada

Canary Islands, La Gomera – t.me/sobsalgom2021

Canary Islands, Lanzarote – x 

Cyprus, Paphos – www.facebook.com/fonilaou2/

Croatia, Osijek – t.me/worldwidecroatia 

Croatia, Zagreb – t.me/worldwidecroatia

Croatia, Dubrovnik – t.me/worldwidecroatia

Croatia, Rijek – t.me/worldwidecroatia

Croatia, Pula – t.me/worldwidecroatia 

Denmark, Copenhagen – t.me/worldwidedenmark 

Estonia, Tallinn – t.me/eestivabaks

England, London – https://t.me/may15thworldwiderally

England, Manchester – https://t.me/fightingforourfreedom

England, Birmingham – http://t.me/officialvoicebirmingham

England, Bristol – https://t.me/WWDBRISTOL2021

England, Hull – https://t.me/joinchat/J9V3AjARss0wZjM8

England, Cornwall – https://T.me/WWDCornwall

England, Plymouth – https://T.me/WWDPlymouth

England, Newcastle – https://t.me/joinchat/bJ5C15j9PuVjNThk

England, Canterbury – https://t.me/WWD2Canterbury

England, Glastonbury – https://t.me/GlastonburyWWR2

England, Southampton – https://t.me/southamptonWWR2

England, Norwich – https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAE-fwsYE9blM7D7LgQ

England, Sheffield – https://t.me/joinchat/VS1t5JNt67bAhB8n

England, Eastbourne – https://t.me/WWDEastbourne

England, Wales – Cardiff – https://t.me/WWDCardiff

France, Paris – t.me/RallyforFreedom

France, Bordeaux – t.me/worldwidefrance 

France, Quimper – t.me/worldwidefrance 

France, Nantes – t.me/worldwidefrance 

France, Lyon – t.me/worldwidefrance 

France, Marmande – t.me/worldwidefrance 

Finland, Helsinki – t.me/worldwidefinland

Germany, 16 capital cities – t.me/unsreichts

Hawaii, Honolulu – t.me/Alohafreedomcoalition 

Hungary, Békéscsaba – x

Hungary, Debrecen – x

Hungary, Győr – x

Hungary, Miskolc – x

Hungary, Nyíregyháza – x

Hungary, Pécs – x

Hungary, Szeged – x

Hungary, Székesfehérvár – x

Hungary, Szombathely – x

Hungary, Veszprém – x 

Iran, Tehran – x

Ireland, Dublin – https://t.me/joinchat/7OUPM3LVyoE5NTQ0

Japan, Sapporo – x

Japan, Tokyo – http://nikomikai.net/wwd-2

Japan, Kyoto – https://coronalabo.com/demo-2021-05-15/

Jamaica, Kingston – https://t.me/caribjusticealliance

Luxembourg City – t.me/worldwideluxemburgorig

Latvia, Riga – t.me/worldwidelatvia

Montenegro, Podgorica – t.me/standupbalkan

Yours In Service …

The Unknown Lightwarrior

ps. The timelines must be raised closer & closer to the Event timeline … and one of the best ways to do this is by upgrading your personal frequency.50-80% off for 144K members (Membership is free)  https://www.returntoyourtruth.com/144k

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