Quantum Truths JC Kay: #126​ “CUE is G-O-D” and The Two Ay Eyes (JC Kay) 25th April, 2021

GOD: “Authentic Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence“..as I keep saying. Too many people think god is vengeful. Too many others do not believe in God –but what is God? I think God is consciousness of all that is. We were taught to believe in limitation. I need inspiring people in my life. God is Love, All Love, Only Love, like I said… Look outside the Matrix to who we are. There is always HOPE. From Dark to Light! Consciousness!

Two A.I.s Authentic (God) and Artificial (Archons/Matrix -WOW!) Truthers (me) as bad as MSM! She says its OK to get triggered, it helps get rid of the A.I. programs..and that occurred to me, that we were inadvertently helped to clear old old programming/fear.

( I had an AHA moment listening to her explain, and  I feel much more optimistic and inspired than I have been feeling in a long time!) ~PB

#126​ “CUE is G-O-D” and The Two Ay Eyes (JC Kay) 25th April, 2021

•Premiered Apr 25, 2021
Quantum Truths JC Kay
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25th April, 2021 This video is in reference to my LIVE Q&A #123​ video found here: https://youtu.be/x0F4sRDQgU4

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One thought on “Quantum Truths JC Kay: #126​ “CUE is G-O-D” and The Two Ay Eyes (JC Kay) 25th April, 2021

  1. Declaration of Sovereignty
    Official CHANNEL Quantum Truths JC Kay 🧿
    I release all remaining resistance
    I release all fear still stuck in my body, my cells, blood and bones
    I release all unforgiveness
    I release all resentment
    I release all guilt
    All shame
    All blame
    I release all victim energy
    I release all persecutor energies
    All judgement
    All criticism
    I release all preconceived ideas
    I release all jealousy
    All hate
    All anger
    All grief, pain and suffering
    I release all frustration
    I release all need to control
    I release those that want to control me
    All manipulation
    I release spite
    All feelings of I’m not good enough or better than any other
    I am releasing all remaining implants, devices, entities, attachments, cords, ties, vows, pacts, contracts, agreements, all and everything that binds me to the old, all that doesn’t serve my highest good any longer
    I release all remaining feelings of separation from Self, others, my Higher Self, Soul, Oversoul, Monad and from Source
    I release all remaining resistance to change
    I release all suppression
    I release all arrogance
    I release my negative ego
    I release my lower nature
    I release all blocks, barriers and chains that prevent me from moving forward
    I release all that blocks me from loving myself and others more deeply and receiving Love into my life
    I release all outdated thinking, all belief systems, templates, programs, behavioral and thought patterns that keep me experiencing old Timelines and Experiences
    I overwrite and override all lesser DNA, all lesser codes and strands within everyone of my cells, atoms, atomic and subatomic particles and waves and all the spaces in between, down to the mitochondria, across all time and space, all dimensions, all REALities, all Universes🔯💜🔯
    I release all and everyone that is not in alignment with my highest good and Original Divine True HUman Source Blueprint
    I release all feelings of hopelessness, despair, depression, low self worth and heaviness
    I release all self denial, all delusions, all illusions, all false hopes
    I release all blocks around my heart and mind
    I release all density, all distortions, all mind control, all and everything trying to keep me down and hold me back
    I am releasing all interferences
    I am removing all and everything that is standing in my way from becoming the highest version of myself
    I am releasing all lower thought forms trying to discourage me and hold me back
    I release all that is not love, not compassion, not understanding, not forgiveness, not ONEness
    I am releasing all feelings of doubt, disbelief and confusion
    I release every thought, feeling and belief that I am not good or strong enough to make it AS I AM 🙏
    I release all feelings and thoughts making me believe I am not worthy of a happy, peaceful, fulfilled, joyful, balanced, abundant and love filled life
    I release all programming telling me I can not have it all
    I release all worries, all tension, all anxiety
    I release my old self, my lower self
    All of me which I’ve come to love and accept and welcome home, I can now let go of all that is no longer in alignment
    So I can integrate ALL OF ME
    So I can release all that I am not
    To make space for my True Self to emerge once again
    My inner Christ
    My True Divine HUman
    My Source Self
    Resurrected and Reborn
    Like the Phoenix from the ashes
    I rise like never before
    As a new dawn breaks
    I have arrived home, at last
    I have arrived as the true authentic me
    At home in my HEART
    Pure Source Love
    As ONE
    Nothing else required
    I AM FREE!

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