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I’m emerging from two months of hermitage, facing some major challenges head on, and of course researching. I’ve got some
very important updates to share with you.

The updates cover the current “global story” and your important role in it (oh does history repeat!)

There’s something very interesting happening in the skies right now, and I’m not the only one noticing it. The mainstream media has been reporting a bunch of pyramid shaped UFO sightings.

Interesting that they’re finally being a bit more public with their observations… could this be a sign of a full blown disclosure coming around the corner?

I pr

edict we’ll begin to see the “vaults open” around June. Not too much longer! And I believe it will change everything.

The question is… will it change things for the good, or…?

That’s up to US.

And YOU.

Will you step into the mission of awakening the Christ Consciousness within?

That’s the single most important action we can take to work with the cycles of history that are now converging in a major “meta” event.

We’ve been preparing for this event for lifetimes (almost 26,000 years!)

It’s where the geometric configurations of our solar system, the little known ‘dark star,’ the cycles of history, and the galactic mind/logos converge with your personal hero’s journey all converge.

What are you supposed to be doing when this hero’s journey cycle hits you?

That’s what I’ll be revealing in the brand new livestream series as well as:

  • What the military industrial complex has been hiding about UFOs
  • Never before seen inside intel about the UFOs
  • The Pyramid of Giza as a living monumental prophecy
  • The new ‘planetary megacycle’
  • The coming world events & your “hero’s journey’

You can register for these ‘urgent galactic updates’ at this link. We’re going live with the first important session Sunday April 25th at 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST.

A lot of people have been writing to me disappointed at some of the recent global events, feeling deflated or like the “light” is losing.

I assure you that’s not true.

I’ll tell you more throughout the series.

In gratitude and light,

David Wilcock

P.S. I’m going live Sunday the 25th and I’d love to see you there. We’re going to cover the recent Pyramid UFO sightings and disclosures, and what I believe they’re trying to tell us. You can sign up for the series here.

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Sunday April 25th at 3 PM PST
Pyramid Shaped UFOs – What’s
Going on in the Skies?

What’s the mainstream media revealing about extraterrestrial intelligence?

In this video, David Wilcock will discuss:

What the military-industrial complex is hiding
Never before seen inside intel about the UFOs
Extremely urgent updates all people need to know now


Sunday May 2nd at 3 PM PDT
Mystery of the Great Pyramid

Are there architectural elements in the pyramids’ design that are staggeringly impossible to reproduce? In this video, David Wilcock will discuss:

Was the Great Pyramid of Giza built 11,450 years ago?
The pyramid as a living monumental prophecy
The pyramid’s extraterrestrial origins

Sunday May 9th at 3 PM PDT
The Cycles of History & Why They Matter Today

Our lives are inextricably intertwined with cosmic cycles, having to do with the motion of celestial bodies. In this video, David Wilcock will discuss:
The new ‘planetary megacycle’

The carefully guided ‘divine script’ history follows
The coming world events & your “hero’s journey’

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