Psychic LJ Predicts: Political Changes Coming – The Crown Will Survive

Psychic LJ Predicts: Political Changes Coming – The Crown Will Survive

April 12, 2021

Psychic LJ Notes rom video1/2

She begins with a focus on the U.K….Prince Philip, Royal Family lineage, politics, events… Watch for a scandal, possibly related to U.S. politics…

…and Mr. T, we haven’t heard the last from him..something big comes out 16th to 20th…could even be 13th/14th/15th… huge news.

“The world needs LOVE, not disinformation.”

“Remember guys, we are living in The Great Awakening.. Just beware of brainwashing..and fanatical crazy conspiracies that is going to totally get crazier…and it’s not true.”

” We are living in very strange times, and yes there is aliens living amongst us..

… And yes, there is crimes like child trafficking and human trafficking. It’s all going on but I don’t believe it is the way some people are putting it out there.”

“And yes, I do believe we haven’t heard the last of Mr. T….

… But no, Biden is not a blinking damn clone… I’m not gonna go along with it. And he IS in the White House.”

“I’m getting Q here again, and it’s bouncing out of this crystal ball.
I’m getting Russia inside up here… it’s as if people I’ve been so played …America has been so infiltrated. We haven’t heard the last of Mr. T, but I still stand that a woman will stand in the White House after Biden.”

“What I see is information will come out that is sort of linked with Q, but it’s going to be backwardly twisted? …and anybody that’s been following Q, and they think that T is the only hope…by God…by God, they’re all in for a shock.

I’m getting this really strong, and I’m getting Russian intelligence here. I’m getting this really, really strong… KGB as well KGB? …it’s being put there to divide.

It’ going to get like Rambo on the streets, no later than the summer I see fire, smoke, riots… Please just keep out, these are all being played….these are all being played!”

[UK again..worry, poverty line…a great divide..riots..around the UK, Europe, America..shocking.. it has to do with the planets.”

Dates..The 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 16th… Huge news with Mr. T coming out. It has to do with Mars, Mercury, collisions… strange things happening with planets.”

UK, America…Nurses, Teachers on strike. Anger…UK food, poverty.

“Mr. T… He’s waiting for the right moment to play the trump card. He’s trying to help someone else get back in, and is going to have another role within the Republican party…. May, June, July, we’ll have our answers. They’re going to try to get him in court’s all very messy.”

“I see massive news coming out worldwide today with immigrants in all countries not just America… In countries all getting together…Biden will try to change immigration law..” Within 2 days or weeks or months.

She sees the volcanoes erupting, that she had predicted… Japan be careful you’re not out of the woods with earthquakes yet. A bridge in a hamlet near a mountain…S, O, D, J, P. Street names or places.

Men are going through in awakening and gaiais going through an awakening as well.

Multiple earthquakes United States, Mexico be careful.

More changes for Scotland as predicted. 2022. Independence, votes. A young man and a woman..lots of changes in Scotland.

The world is changing .. new systems.

Global trade issues, brexit,…worry over the food industry.

Riots… free speech…origin of the virus.. arguments..China..

2021 is the fight for freedom and free speech… Travel pay checks it will go back to normal in 2020.

The news of shootings all going off at the same time …riots.. UK.. France.. America. 2 shootings at the same time. Policeman, sadness. Bank or large building W, M, R, S, N, P, Y..

A shooting on the world stage 2 men and a woman mug shots… Biden Announcements… military..

Huge news to do with oil or gas and a scandal… I get ments in the US about a States.. Get extra food put away and of April’s going to be crazy it’s the swamp it’s starting to drain Basically we’re entering into a crazy Spring, basically. Ukraine and Russian scandals, and FBI

Psychic LJ notes from video 2/2

24, 25, 26, 17, 10, 11, 12..
The 12 will bring you good news the 2nd will bring sadness and the 13th would bring shocks with a law change I’m seeing this really strong.
Rudy Guliani… Log books emails Russian spies hidden spies within America… blackmail… Iran.. arguments..

A dark hair Congressman 3 men in the trunk..court cases..huge court cases. trump’s going to have something to say here in court.. we will be alright…

Great loss will be pushed to make great change in America the immigration problem is a global problem a new strategy plan or countries are joined… This is a humanitarian problem countries are going to join together with a new program.

There is a shaman or healer has to do with native Americans that land needs to be healed something to do with aircraft an explosion or airports. And news to do with a helicopter.

Crisis in the North Sea to do with oil by the end of the year..

War announced having to do with China, Iran ….world news but it may be short lived.

More news about another boat coming out Chinese or Taiwan more mystery to do with another boat. Watch for the crazy hats possibly to jump on that one. A mystery.

Something to do with North Korea June July September Australia fires morning earthquake tsunami West Coast of Australia not so flags get out Warnings anywhere tropical cruise danger of earthquakes and tsunami Near major fault lines another Volcano erupts.

She’s getting Biden come over and trump to snooze at the end of the month a divide within the Democratic Party it could be Biden in kamala having disagreements. Come over at the wall while to children wearing T shirts a logo peace sign..

I knew movement save the children practiced a lot of attention stay grounded face the storm when it kicks off go inside and shut the door lock the door I’ve been seeing this for a while. It’s gonna get crazy guys I send blessings out.”

Don’t feel you have to follow the group or a cult, just to please other people… be like me just a girl with the voice.. (saying what I see…).

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