The Promise Revealed Newsletter-Blog by Rob Potter

I first “met” Rob through his labor of love in assisting Cobra to get his messages out in the early days of Cobra’s blog, by conducting monthly Cobra interviews by selecting listener questions to ask Cobra, and putting the content on his blog. We learned a lot, but just a tiny bit of the wisdom this Lightwarrior holds. ~PB

The Promise Revealed Newsletter-Blog Dec. 2020
Rob Potter


Dear Friends,

I am happy to be able to share this blog out to people who will be interested in my information. My site Please follow me through checking my blog as regularly as you are inclined.

As you know this blog and the information here is always free. As most of you know I am very passionate about my work and I wish to thank you for coming to my Website and looking at my teachings and products.

As you may be able to see my new website is wonderfully designed. It is becoming stabilized now but many old and broken pages and links are in the process of being repaired and restored.

(content removed re:products)

Despite the challenging times we are facing and the many horrible actions by governments and leaders and oligarchs in our world, I can promise things are going to get better. The galactics are very much involved behind the scenes to help reach our planet and the people of world sovereignty. They cannot reveal themselves at this point in time as the populace is not ready.

As soon as we can get some honesty from our leaders and our press chooses to stop distracting people with contrived and manipulated lies and nonsense then people will be able to discern the truth. We must choose to refuse to participate in the world’s systems of Finance and many other institutions that we have come to accept. We are hoodwinked into denying our own power.

We are further controlled more and more by rabid sociopaths who seek our destruction. We will have much to RE-learn as to what we think about our world and our society in the next 5 years as there will be many many changes in our societal infrastructure as the nature of nature restructures itself to infuse more light into our world.

We are actually raising our vibrations and the earth gradually ascends into a new dimension. This vibratory change is natural and cyclic and will alter people’s awareness and perception and even allow people to work more closely with universal law.

This in and of itself is a complex subject but the vibrations of our physical reality will shift.

In scientific terms, this is on one level related to the Schuman resonance that is changing daily.

The overall increase of the Schuman resonance is part of the shift long prophesied to bring peace and even ascension for many people and eventually the planet herself. Our consciousness is tied to the magnetic field of the earth and the space family says that there will be inter-dimensional sensitivities awakened that may be shocking to those not prepared.

As our psychic understanding and perception are heightened it will be important not to panic or become frightened. Furthermore trying to cling to old systems of governance is futile. To hold onto ideas about money or the Lynch pins of our beliefs and value will prove to be a cause for much weeping and gnashing of teeth for those who refuse to adapt in their beliefs.

By holding onto to outdated ideas and various foreign control systems we have accepted and supported as if they were possessions we will only make our transition more difficult. In fact, the holding will cause great stress and many will exit their body through strokes and heart attacks, and other maladies if they cannot adapt to the new currents and temperatures of thinking bought about by the creator.

The reason for this is the earth herself has borne a great weight of dysfunction of an unaware and asleep populace. We have continued to disrespect God and the infinite laws of the universe and we thought our materialistic destruction of nature would go un-noticed. We are deforesting the planet and destroying our oxygen supply our water supply our oxygen supply. We are allowing the destruction of our food our families our culture through a mute reaction of compliance to an evil agenda.

Though this was introduced to our world by our own allowance and poor choices due to ignorance and lack of knowledge of universal law we are still responsible. This at the heart of the matter is also exasperated by subtle negative ET design We made the choice to be here at this time to live in this soap opera of the 3rd dimension. We agreed to take the veil of forgetfulness for if we knew from whence we came and our earth life destiny we could not fully experience this world and grow as we are meant to do.

This co-created reality that we share has been hijacked by our own ignorance. This fear this hate this bigotry this judgment is built into our world through mind control and those seeking to create chaos by division. We are forgetting we are all one and we allow in our programmed reality and mind to believe we are separate from each other and from our own collective manifestation. The media our culture and those programmed manipulators, use disinformation to divide men from women rich and poor, one religion from another to manufacture wars and to herd peoples feelings into hopelessness and despair which results in suffering and chaos.

The 3rd dimension that takes all of our attention and makes us think we are alone and without purpose is false and is about to be shifted in a gradual process of Ascension. Yes, this overused and misunderstood word is real. Just as the Master Yehoshua The Christ. was and is real though his life and mission are misunderstood and denied.

His teachings are and were in his the actions of his life. He is not to be worshipped like a rock star or to rely on him to “SAVE US”. We will save ourselves by our own thoughts words, deeds, and actions that reflect the divine laws that the creator has laid down for us. Christ’s final teaching was the fact we are immortal beings born of the spirit and beyond the temporal world which seems to be the only world, we can perceive. His resurrection proved his divinity and his sacrifice proved his love for mankind.

We are more than flesh and blood and though we are blind to the truth of more subtle vibrations of being and perception these different densities are as real as real can be. We must destroy our ignorance our limited thinking and do unto others as we would have done to us. We can continue to be manipulated into fear to hate to allow the bellicose militarist and religious hucksters to make themselves the influencers of our thoughts and ideas or we can choose truth.

The truth is manifest in everything everywhere and there is no one who can stand between you and your relationship with the infinite mind of God. By entering into the silence you can align your mind with almighty God. Those that are interfering with the free will of others and doing this now on earth as they have been doing for a very long time are about to be removed. This removal will be by beings who are far in advance of us technically and spiritually by virtue of their adherence to natural law.

Their worlds were liberated from the false manipulation of the fallen who knowingly violated universal law to deny others freewill in a well-planned effort to lie cheat and steal people’s attention into their false matrix. They were able to overcome their own negativity and to not destroy their worlds or recover from such self-inflicted destructive machinations inflicted upon them.

If they could do it so can we. How did they do it? The answer lies in the power of love by forsaking the illusory material world of limitation and lack. By realizing that they were creating their collective reality. Then realizing that the inside condition of their consciousness is matched by the outer material world that they manifested collectively. They understood that where they place their attention so it shall be.

These various super culture worlds who have risen to higher dimensions began to find a place of peace within themselves and within each other traverse the galaxy beyond the limitations of time and space as we conceive them to be.

The cultures developed the power of meditation and prayer. They connected to the wellspring of knowledge within themselves. They worked together to transform their world by refusing directive mandates based on fear separation scarcity and lack.

They chose to LOVE to make their fellowman happy. They discarded the money system which they realized always breeds greed lust for power and the accumulation of material wealth which is always achieved and the expense of others and even eventually their own happiness.

Our limited science and understanding will go through tremendous advancement as we achieve peace and harmony amongst ourselves. This is a certainty to be worked for and to be looked forward to. Do not waste your time in doubt or become paralyzed by discontent always show forbearance in face of the inevitable adversity all harbingers of change must face.

Only speak nice words of others and do not cast pearls before swine many are not ready for these words and we must allow others the freedom to chose love over fear or darkness over light. Continue to share your gifts and always remain positive despite your perception that what is happening is wrong or bad. It well may be suffering but in this temporal world of entropy so remember all things must pass and the key is to remain firm in your allegiance to Truth of The Love of God.

Warm Regards,

Victory to The Light

Rob Potter

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