This discussion is about our need to access Self-Empowerment to manifest a better future for ourselves, both individually and collectively, through meditation and visualization. They will be doing another show livestreamed Sunday at 11pm UTC, (4am Monday EDT)ย  where they get more into predictions and current events. ~PB


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“‘That’s when I really learned, of the power that we have, and what I’m seeing out in in the world today is, we’re all concentrating on what’s going on, and that’s when you know we are empowering the dark side. We’re winning, we already won, but it’s just that we have to manifest it, and manifesting it is people going into their power… and the way they get into their power is by closing their eyes and taking the time to get down inside in find out why am I here? because when you close your eyes and get down inside yourself, you find out that there’s only one, and you’re the one, then you have the power to do anything you want in this life.

I designed the communities, and I want to start all over the world where your housing and that is free, and we use crypto currencies. The power of crypto currencies, people don’t realize that the crypto currencies are going to set us financially free. That’s one of the things I want to touch on Sunday, is the power that we have in what’s what’s coming up, if we just step away from what I call the image of the beast, and that’s the television and the media and get on with our lives and and step into who you are, because the best you is standing right next to you. And that best you standing right next to you, can do anything that they want, anything. They have the power to do absolutely anything, when you can step in to it immediately.

You know, John the Baptist should say repent! That means Metania, what’s that mean? Change your consciousness! Change it into taking on, ‘You are the One. There’s only One, and you’re part of the One. You have all the power in the world to do what you came into this world to do.

So, you know, my message is, turn off the television set people, and get on and create the life that you’re meant to have, and that life is a life of abundance and joy. That’s the only thing that people have to do. They have to realize, it’s.. you know, you close your eyes, you come up with a vision, and then open your eyes, and the vision will come, and the only requirement of you is to be freaking happy, because its on its way!..”

-Gene Aikens

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