🔥 Juan O’Savin & the Grand Finale! – Must Video

In numerology, numbers have certain energy attached to them.. numbers, degrees, angles, dates. Often, certain numbers will repeatedly appear to us, in synchronicity, with a hidden message of insight, if we are able to discern and notice… (Numerology).

Juan puts current events in historic perspective, giving us context and “Aha” moments, as some of us old souls recall.

Dear Cabal: At the tone, the time will be…..2-LATE! 💥B👀M week!


The BEST is yet to come!

🔥Juan O’Savin & the Grand Finale! – Must Video

👇👇👇👇 from Dec 2020

(…when plan to commence arrests was in place on the 6th until the cabal threatened to explode a dirty bomb and orchestrated a fake “insurrection”)

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