GOOD NEWS PATRIOTS! Excerpt from 144K update by the Unkknown Lightworker:

It’s going to be wild, from what I can surmise! ~PB

GOOD NEWS Lightworkers + PATRIOTS!

Excerpt from 144K update by the Unkknown Lightworker:


“There are far to many Starseeds walking around with a worried and fearful look while struggling to say “I’m trusting the Plan’ .

Ok … I can understand the fear or depression. And these external events are causing internal blocks to come up more too. Mostly soul-fragments that are now ‘up’ for retrieval.

Don’t put up with ANY fear or depression … (because you don’t have to). It’s just outside political events that are triggering them within you. Take any negative emotions or perceptions to The Teams & get rid of them … so you can be strong, confident & know that we have very high level backing, the Galactic Confederation is on the job, the Lightworkers on the planet are on the job, and in the end, we’ll all be fine.

Internal stuff aside … This is the most accurate psychic reading for Feb, March & April, yet vague enough to not give The Plan away to the bad guys.

Always remember … if we know how things will go, then so do the bad guys & they do plan around it to shut progress. So the less we know, the better.

We are operatives … (as far as our off-world groups & souls are concerned).

Operatives always work on a need-to-know basis.

When it’s time for you to act – believe me, you’ll know about it.

So use this opportunity to work on yourself – and increase your connection (for eventual return) to your Higher Self. That’s your real salvation.

It’s not the White Hats … it’s not the positive off-world groups. They’re just doing their part, and doing your internal work, is your part – in transforming this planet & returning to freedom.

Primary reality is within – secondary reality is without!

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Jim Tour / The Unknown Lightworker

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