FULL MOON in LEO [Jan 28] Readings by various Astrologers, Empaths, Psychics

Molly McCord, Tania Gabrielle, Kelly Rosano, Pamela Georgel. Find more info on their YT channels and websites.

Leo Full Moon ♌ ~ Stay In Your Heart
+ Power As Huge Changes Unfold

•Jan 15, 2021
Molly McCord
101K subscribers

The Leo Full Moon at 9 degrees on January 28, 2021 packs a big punch of energy that is requiring change, movement, and significant openings. The Sun is conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius, illuminating a new pathway and more options into your future vision that is being created now. The Moon in Leo is confident and courageous, especially when there is an outlet for personal expression that feels strong. You are being asked to connect with your sense of Self now in order to strengthen your own aura and stay clear in yourself amongst all of the world changes that are unfolding.

Resistance is futile when liberator Uranus interacts with the Moon, Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn, shaking up the status quo and breaking down barriers of all kinds. Big changes and breakthroughs are unfolding, but we can see these through a positive lens of quantum leaps and fast-moving evolution.

Venus conjunct Pluto at 25 degrees Capricorn is revealing where your value system and relationship patterns are going to be deeply re-worked and understood in 2021. You may notice more about power dynamics and fears that prevented you from receiving and giving in healthy ways. There are gifts of transformation here so you can experience more love after consciously seeing where you may have prevented Venus themes from developing and thriving.

More to share in this chart video.



FULL MOON in LEO [Jan 28] Astrology Numerology
Star Code Forecast

•Jan 18, 2021
Tania Gabrielle 52.8K subscribers

Tania’s Vlog & Blog ► https://taniagabrielle.com


Leo Full Moon Courage and Power 1.28.21

•Jan 14, 2021
Kelley Rosano
332K subscribers

The Leo Full Moon on Jan 28 is action-packed with many players participating. We have the Leo Moon standing on her own on one side. She is opposed by five planets. The Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Pallas Athena, and Mercury in Aquarius. This creates massive polarization. And they’re being T-squared by Mars and Uranus in Taurus…

You can read about the Leo Full Moon here: https://kelleyrosano.com/blog/

Law of Detachment the Law of Detachment. 1) When it begins it (relationship, job, and/or situation) is always right. 2) Who shows up is exactly who needs to be there. 3) What happens is the only thing that could have happened. 4) When it is done. It is done.


Full Moon In Leo Psychic Crystal Reading Jan 28th 2021
by Pam Georgel

•Jan 26, 2021
Pamela Georgel
102K subscribers

Earth 2:35 Water 6:55 Fire 13:24 Air 18:19

Hi and Welcome to my channel. My name is Pam and I’m a clairaudient, clairvoyant, empathic channel and Psychic Medium. I have over 19 years of experience doing psychic readings professionally for clients all over the world.

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on FB: The Lucky Mermaid LLC
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Edited by Daniel Georgel Intro filmed and edited by Nicholas Georgel


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