Thoughts on the state of the world, inspired by a friend’s post:

TRUTH IS COMING TO LIGHT: A good assessment of our current surreality can be described as “Theatre du Absurd” just one phrase I use to describe it.

Here is one of many examples: Shocking to me is that anyone can believe there was no election fraud when the evidence is everywhere…it’s all over the net, it’s all over the news, except mainstream media. When I say evidence, I don’t mean heresay, I mean documentation, and vetted witnesses, and expert forensic analysis of servers.

Only recently has mainstream media started to report a little bit about Hunter Biden, when is the contents of his laptop are all over the net, the FBI has been investigating him or 2 years, all this was revealed in October…truth is squelched by MSM and a lot of its pretty damned sordid, and then there’s that 4.5 billion dollar payoff to the Biden family by CCP –but everybody thinks I’m crazy if I mention this stuff, even though it can and has been traced..emails, texts, wire transfers, photos, video, etc. …because there’s 2 worlds.

There’s a world where truth is reported because the few remaining true journalists like Glenn Greenwald do their research, stand on journalistic integrity, and there’s a world where everyone ignores the elephant in the room, never ask hard or pressing questions, because they’re complicit, taking part of the payoff and thus they are part of the Treason and Sedition. They won’t get away with it. That’s just one situation, but a big one. It’s not even about the participants/bad actors. It’s much bigger than individual personalities playing a role on the stage of life. We are living through a paradigm shift. It’s not without growing pains, as I have oft stated.

The Light has already won, what’s left is the big reveal, the removal of Service-to -Self individuals from positions of power, and helping people who are traumatized by and must adjust and heal from the unfathomable Truth…it’s dark, and it will be up to those who want to know, how dark it is, how far down the rabbit hole they want to go/know.

Those of us who know went through our own painful disillusionment years ago. Nothing is as it appears. Such is the power of dark intention.

The Light of Awareness is increasing and thanks to many who are In Service to Others, it shall seep into every dark crack and burst open our consciousness, awaken all of us from our collective slumber and complacency, to see it at last: Truth.

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In the Light of Truth, Love is the only reality. All else is illusion. There is no “us and them”, no separation. We are all one people trying to survive and thrive. Don’t let them divide us.

Life is short and burdens weigh heavy. We must persevere through uncertain times, because we are so close to personal breakthrough and collective evolution, which will lift all of humanity up. We must focus on our dreams and the world we wish to co-create, hang in and keep the faith through these changing times. The best is yet to come.<3

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