Tania Gabrielle: How You Can Transcend Being Triggered [Venus trine Saturn]

Tania Gabrielle: How You Can Transcend Being Triggered
[Venus trine Saturn]

This weekend two wonderful star code events will support tremendous growth and understanding – and create openings for your commitment to transcend conflict:

* Venus in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn (on Saturday)
* Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde at Scorpio (on Sunday)

We are talking revolutionary opportunities for awakening and self-growth.


So how do you know you have transcended being triggered by others? Especially those closest to you?

It’s quite simple:

When you are no longer upset by something they said or did.

  • When you are no longer triggered even when you think of them, then you have transcended.

Avoiding a trigger BY NOT engaging with someone is different from not reacting to a trigger.

When you avoid a person in order to bypass the possibility of being upset by them, you still have an underlying fear.

However, if the trigger is no longer felt as a threat, and you decide not to be around the person anymore – you are evolving.

You have said “no” to being treated in a way that is not acceptable.

This is a non-reactionary response.

Venus trine Saturn
(in Earth signs) is encouraging you to set up clear boundaries. If you choose to re-engage with that person or family member again, then every time the person tries to trigger you, tell them that it is not acceptable.

Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde at 2° in Scorpio
helps you decide whether you have a need to communicate with them again.

The key here is whether you are in any way fearful to be around the person.

  • If you sense a foreboding about any interaction with him or her, you have yet to transcend what is triggering you.

Venus trine Saturn
helps you stay grounded and clear, without feeling guilt or sadness about how your actions might impact others.

Remember, each person is responsible for their own feelings.

Your choices need to always be for the highest good of all – inspired by compassion and caring.

The ripple effects of any choice you make are inspiring the change and liberation in play now. Every thought, action and decision is playing an important part of the shift into the Aquarian Age at the end of the year.

  • 2021 will be especially potent since it resonates to a
    5 Universal Year symbolizing freedom.

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Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

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