What social media censorship?

What social media censorship? Almost all the Truth leaders I know are being censored, silenced and de-platformed ….not for “conspiracy theories”, but for sharing -VERIFIED- information. Let that sink in.

Simply for asking valid questions that Voters need answers to. You know, like journalists used to report, until their puppet-masters stopped them?

That’s why citizen journalists had to take over. #WeAreTheNewsNow

Declaring “I’m not going to answer that” and hiding in a basement is not Democracy by and for #WeThePeople

The #FBI has the #laptopfromhell. Questions should be asked and answered NOW.

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Same thing with the #MainstreamMedia. The corruption of elite persons of interest is bad enough, but the coverup and complicity of the media is unfathomable.

In a Democracy, questions are asked and answered by those who supposedly represent us. We don’t shoot the messenger and try to discredit those who present evidence. But this is happening now in the USA and it is NOT OK. If they don’t want the truth to get out, we will out it for them, as we have been doing. There has been no denial of what is in question, and no explanation for these serious red flags, either. Ignoring the glaring conflicts of interest is not an option.

Treason + Sedition are serious crimes. We will expose you all. FBI and The United States Department of Justice will do the rest.


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