Dorothy Morgan Astrologer: Astrology Week of October 19 – 25 Mercury Opposite Uranus and More

Astrology Week of October 19 – 25 Mercury Opposite Uranus and More

•Premiered Oct 15, 2020
Dorothy Morgan Astrologer
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Monday October 19th we have a number of important aspects happening on this day but the big one in my eyes is Mercury retrograde in Scorpio opposite to Uranus in Taurus. This was also an aspect we had on October 7th when Mercury was direct. If I recall correctly on that day we had the Vise Presidential debates and the day before this the president of the United States decided to stop the negotiations for another stimulus package and that in turn created a 300+ drop in the stock market. Let’s examine this a little. One of the things Scorpio rules is investments and other people’s money. While in an opposition to Uranus, the planet well known for representing sudden changes that get us out of our comfort zones, we do expect some sudden changes to occur. Many of the financial astrologers are paying attention to Uranus in the sign Taurus because Taurus rules finances and money as well as the earth and ground and we are in shaky territory.

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