There is a POWERFUL New Moon
on Friday, October 16th 3:31 EDT !


There is a POWERFUL New Moon
on Friday, October 16th 3:31 EDT !

Things are going to change over the next month
– and this is our opportunity to guide events, as lightworkers,
so that we can see a smooth and peaceful transition to the Event.  
Northern California is shutting off power…   France is imposing new curfews…   A new strain of the virus is starting to take hold ….   BUT !

  This new moon is one of the most intense and pivotal of the whole year.

The sun and moon are EXACTLY conjunct Spica,
the most auspicious spiritual star in the sky.
It’s the star of Isis, the divine feminine.    

Cobra’s report on the Final Battle has just come out!  
There’s a lot to say about it… but the key point concerning actions we lightworkers can take, is that the Mass Meditations are turning the tide of events in our favor.   And of course … we need to keep doing them daily during this tense astrological time.    

Learn More About the Potential Impact of our
New Moon Mass Meditation !      

Please join us in setting your intentions into the field
at Friday’s New Moon! 



1. Turn your focus inwards  

2. Shut your eyes.  

3. Turn your focus to your breath.  

4. Imagine that you’re breathing in and out through your heart,
as if your heart was your lungs.  

5. Feel your breath start to slow and deepen.  

6. Really focus on doing just this and nothing else.  

7. Feel your breath start to slow and deepen.  

8. Feel how your cortisol levels are reduced.  

9. Feel your stress begin to vanish and disappear.  

10. Drop into the stillness of the present moment…  

11. …where nothing exists outside of you.  

12. As you stay focused on your breath…  

13. Notice how you can’t be anywhere else
but where you are right now..    

14. You are in the present moment…  

15. …and going deeper into stillness.  

16. Drop and anchor from the center of your being …  

17. Into the core of Gaia…  

18. … and then set your intention for this day…  

19 … this month …  

20. … and this year …      

See you on the higher planes!  

The Prepare for Change Leadership Council  
Guided Meditation for the October 16h New Moon

More info about this intense New Moon HERE !

The new innovative, action based site for Prepare For Change, as we get closer to the Event!
1628 E Southern Ave Suite 9 #112
Tempe AZ 85282

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