If they won’t finish it, we WILL! Your Brief: The 144K Oct 9 Mars-Pluto Square Mass Meditation

The 144K Oct 9th Mars-Pluto Square Mass Meditation, Brief
” … when the going gets tough … the tough sit down & transmute”!  
(… and use Protection :- )  

The Cabal dream of maintaining the lock-down & our journey through the most intense month of the whole year … continues unabated.  
The good news is … being pushed beyond your limits
forces you to re-discover your powers & abilities
… because your powers & abilities always lie beyond your ‘limits’.  
Our false incarnational persona just has to remove labels 
of ‘bad’ situations.  
Make no mistake … we are winning,
and our responsibility right now is to consolidate the victory
by finishing.  
In his latest interview on Edge Of Wonder,
ex CIA & White Hat affiliated Robert David Steel has just
said that what you’re seeing [in the 3D] is just a show,
allowed to occur to a limited degree for people to see the Cabal’s true colors … yet controlled by the White Hats.  
With the dormant Divine Masculine aspect of Saturn
(structures that SERVE and PROTECT)
and Mars (Divine Masculine Warrior/Hero)
fully healed and RE-ACTIVATED
thanks to our last Saturn-Mars Square Meditation …  
… Neo is doing this right now, through the standard allegorical disclosure of ‘movies’. And it best represents the current situation.   
Which presents the 144K with the perfect opportunity 
… to finish the job!  
And according to at least one astrologer
… Pluto is a profoundly MASCULINE planet!  
The Perfect Divine Masculine Storm
… is upon THEM.  
Want in on the action?   Or are you gong to miss out all together?!  
You veteran 144K Members know how much action occurs
only on 144K Meditations!!  

If you’re new … hold on to your favorite couch … with both hands.

  Armour up …  

Because the 144K and Divine Masculine mean BUSINESS.    

Mars-Pluto Square 144K Mass Meditation    

Date: Friday, Oct 9 (US) 

Join Time: 8AM EDT (US)  

Your Timezone & day:

Live Platform for Guided Broadcast: 
…or simply click the picture at the top of this email …    

Yours In Service … 
The Unknown Lightwarrior

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