144K/RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH: We’re striking TWICE – on the 21st [Monday] and 22nd [Equinox] (Cobra Update)

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We’re striking TWICE – on the 21st [Monday] and 22nd [Equinox] (Cobra Update)


New 144K Briefing

The timing of the Saturn-Chariklo conjunction has just been clarified. As a result … the 144K will be throwing its crushing weight against anything unaligned with Goddess, on this conjunction.

Cobra has just called for it. We will be supporting him.
FM144 has also called for this, and added more details.

Our Soul Duty is to ensure all attempts to use the Saturn-Chariklo Conjunction by all Black Covens & Cabal Syndicates to actualize further – or maintain current – lockdowns under the pretext of Corona virus … is crushed!
(noticing a theme here :- )

We will use this as an opportunity – to transmute the entire situation – because they have to expose themselves in order to utilize the Saturn-Chariklo Conjunction energies in their favor.
Our job is to make sure they REGRET that.  

The anti-lock-down Saturn-Chariklo meditation will be the standard 1hr+ 144K Mass Mediation, because of the seriousness & extremity of the situation. And yes… we will also be doing the 20 min guided meditation at the same time as everyone else around the world.
Times for both 144K Mass Meditations are at the bottom of this Brief. 
I certainly will be!!


If you’re still struggling with the build-up in energies, you don’t have to put-up with it & suffer. Get the External Protection Code at The Sacred Victory Codes.
It seems they start attacking via in-house electronic devices,
once the house is protected.
I promptly placed other copies of the “4×4” External Protection Code on my:
smart meter (even though I had a Farraday guard around it)TV screenand as a desktop background on my computer
For endocrine system relief & healing (better visualization
… sleep  and prep for the BIG Meditation this Monday & Tuesday)
… I suggest you do the same!

So much so … that I’m extending the 66% OFF 144K only discount till Tuesday night.
We must STRIKE …. and strike HARD. 
(in the divine way of course  :- )

The Light Forces ARE counting on us … and make no mistake about that! 

Help yourself & Planetary Liberation at the same time – with this 144K Discount Coupon Code: TimeToBREATHEandRise

  Times & Links For
The Anti Lockdown Saturn-Chariklo

144K Mass Meditation

Date: Monday 21st, Sept (US)   Join Time: : 5PM EDT (US)
Start Time: 5:10PM EDT

Your Timezone & day: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=144K+Anti-Lockdown+Saturn-Chariklo+Mass+Meditation&iso=20200921T17&p1=179&ah=2

Live Platform for Guided Broadcast:  is HERE !
Backup link:  https://www.blogtalkradio.com/groundcrewcommandradio

Times & Links For The September 2020 Equinox144K Mass Meditation

Date: Tuesday 22nd, Sept (US)   Start Time: : 8:30AM EDT (US)

Your Timezone & day: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=144K+September+Equinox+Mass+Meditation+-+2020&iso=20200922T0830&p1=179&ah=1

Live Platform for Guided Broadcast:   is HERE !
Backup link:  https://www.blogtalkradio.com/groundcrewcommandradio

See you there!
  Yours In Service …
The Unknown Lightwarrior

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