GEORGE KAVASSILAS ~ “Galactic Space Family vs. Alien Overlords & The God Program” [Age Of Truth TV]

Wow! Fascinating…especially 2nd half..I am familiar with a lot of what he’s talking about. It’s all about consciousness..and what we choose to align with. Lengthy, fascinating conversation that is well-worth the time. Lucas Alexander asks all the right penetrating questions to draw out more understanding. I see parallels to many things Cobra…(direct physical Pleiadian + Resistance Movement contactee), Jim Tourtsakis of Return To Your Truth (another Aussie brilliant Arcturian Starseed, a.k.a.The Unknown Lightwarrior) talk about….Sacred Geometry, DNA Light Codes…and much more. Brilliant video…gets better and better..towards the end.. Mitochondria How to-Phase out of the Frequency Spectrum of 5G: Good Nutrients/Foods /Supplements as key… Hydrogen? Wow! Morning sunlight. I need to become a morning person. Harmonics Phase Lock ~ Synchronicity “In the world but not of the world” ~PBSee description below.πŸ‘‡πŸ½

GEORGE KAVASSILAS ~ “Galactic Space Family vs. Alien Overlords & The God Program” [Age Of Truth TV]

β€’Mar 20, 2019 Age Of Truth TV 59.5K subscribers

An extraordinarily thought-provoking, controversial and almost mind-expanding interview with Australian Motivational Truth Speaker, Author, Lecturer, Alien abductee and contactee

will take you on a journey into your inner core and way beyond the general perception and understanding of what this world really is. The Earth, the galaxy, the universe, the multiverse and infinite parallel dimensions, Extra-Terrestrial and Inter-dimensional life on other planets and dimensions vibrating on higher frequencies than our known 3-dimensional reality.

How have we been deceived by the system and by religions on Planet Earth? George Kavassilas claims to be a multiple alien abductee and contactee, with a direct connection to information about our reality and the “unknown”. He has been in the presence of different alien lifeforms and has worked as a motivational speaker and spiritual teacher at conferences and seminars all over the world for the last couple of decades.

In this MIND-BLOWING 2 hour 47 min. interview with Age Of Truth TV presenter Lucas Alexander, George Kavassilas will cover many fascinating topics such as:

– Who are we REALLY?
– Alien, Extra-Teresstrial and Inter-dimensional existence on Planet
  Earth, in the universe, the multiverse and in other dimensions.
WHAT IS GOD? Who is GOD?  The “fake” religions and the God
  program. Religious and New Age deception?
– True spiritual understanding. Law of attraction vs. Lore of attraction.
– The Inter-dimensional deceivers! DEMONS, ARCHONS, JINNS.
DEATH!  The perception and reincarnation soul trap? White light
  heavenly LIE? True or false? Can YOU decide your destiny?
– The global power structure.
– Who are The Council Of Seven?
– Is Freedom Of Speech in jeopardy? David Icke censored in Australia.
– Mind Control programming and The Illuminati.
WHERE CAN WE GO FROM HERE? How can you become free of

………………that and many other topics is covered in this interview with Age Of Truth TV.  Interview on March 8, 2019, filmed at AOT TV studios in Copenhagen, Denmark & via ZOOM to the Gold Coast in Australia.

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