Return To Your Truth Yep … it’s ON – MONDAY AUG 24 -2:00pm EDT – Mars-Saturn-Square 144K Mass Meditation [30mins]


Cobra just alerted everyone about the tense & volatile period coming up the next two weeks – as the most likely period for false flags (& orchestrated riots, disguised with the customary benevolent facade the Cabal is infamous for).

He has correctly stated … in no uncertain terms … that – how the next two weeks go, will largely decide the rest of the year, and therefore … the speed of attaining freedom & peace.

The two main ‘tricky’ dates most likely for false flags (or false flag events dressed as ‘grassroots’ movements) combined with dark rituals, is:

This Monday, Aug 24 – for the VERY volatile Mars-Saturn SquareHeliocentric Eris-Pluto Square, on Monday Aug 31st

Because the physical & non-physical dark ones will heavily co-ordinate all their efforts to ‘mess-things-up’ as much as possible on these two key VOLATILE astrological dates … I’m concerned that loose co-ordination of a simple Flower-Of-Life visualization may not be enough.

MASS  … EXTREME … and DELIBERATE transmutation of a sustained nature is most likely needed – to remove any danger of further delays to The Event & Freedom.


The 144K will be stepping in & taking charge to a professional level … because that’s the way the 144K rolls.

( … obviously this is being called for by the higher dimensions)

It is IMPERATIVE that the surface Starseed population does not ‘drop-the-ball’ after such profound successes as we’ve had with recent Mass Meditations.

This 1st Mass Meditation will be 30 mins long … approximately.


Duty calls …

Let’s show’em who’s in control!

Times & Links For The

Mars-Saturn Square

Mass Meditation

Date: Monday Aug 24 

Start Time: 2 PM EDT (US)

Your Timezone:

Live Platform for Guided Broadcast:  is Right Here

See you there!

Yours In Service …

The Unknown Lightwarrior

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