NorthPoint Astrology Journal Your weekly guide to planetary influences August 17 to 23, 2020 by Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Astrology Journal
Your weekly guide to planetary influencesAugust 17 to 23, 2020 by Pam Younghans

Aspects of Note This Week  
All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.   
MON: Mercury conjunct Sun, Mars conjunct Eris, Pluto semisquare Ceres
TUE: Mercury quincunx Saturn, Venus sextile Uranus, Leo New Moon 7:41 p.m. PDT, Sun quincunx Saturn
WED: Mercury enters Virgo
FRI: Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter 
SAT: Sun enters Virgo
SUN: Mercury opposite Ceres, Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto

FINDING OUR BALANCEmay be especially challenging this week, with so many waves crashing about us. Uranus just stationed retrograde on Saturday, so we are still working with its heightened energies for the next week or two. Uranus is known for being unpredictable, and when its influence is strong, surprising events occur that can throw us off center. These events are cosmically purposed for a variety of reasons.

  One of those purposes is to shift our center of gravity so that our minds can open to new perspectives. If we are living our “normal life,” which has set routines and expectations, our human brain tends to fire the same electromagnetic impulses over and over again. This creates a tendency for our thoughts and beliefs to likewise follow the same familiar pathways day after day, year after year.

  But the changes that Uranus brings create new neural connections, opening our minds to new ideas and insights. In addition to its role as god of Chaos, Uranus is also the planet of Higher Consciousness and Enlightenment. When its energies are strong, we have greater access to insights and a multidimensional perspective, if we choose to open our minds to the higher realms.

  DURING THESE TIMES of great transition, is vital to maintain connection to our higher self, to stay in touch with our core of inner peace, and to observe events from a spiritually-aware perspective. In addition to maintaining our own internal stasis, we are also called to radiate light and love out into the world, in whatever ways resonate with us personally.

  I received two channeled newsletters by email yesterday that I found especially powerful and helpful. I’ve shared the text from both on my facebook site, and invite you to read them there. Both channels wrote of the higher purposes of these pivotal times we are living in – but, more importantly, they also offered effective techniques to help us not only stay in balance and at peace ourselves, but also to strengthen the light and harmony on planet Earth.

  Here are quotes from each of the newsletters:

  “You have more power within your being than you can ever imagine. Practice being at peace, and you will experience peace, no matter the external conditions… Right now, the world needs your peace. We are rarely so urgent in our requests, but now is the time to be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Ann Albers and the Angels

“Each and every time you shift your limited perspective to a perspective of wholeness, you are raising the collective consciousness. Every time you heal or transform a stale limited belief, you are adding to the light of the collective consciousness. Every time.” – Peggy Black and the ‘team’

  MONDAY is the last full day of the lunar cycle that began back on July 20. According to the Moon, this is a time to complete, release, and clear in preparation for the new moon cycle. However, we have two planetary alignments on Monday that speak of beginnings rather than endings.

  The first is a fairly innocuous Sun-Mercury conjunction, which happens several times a year. But, given the current political climate, and the fact that this alignment is in the proud sign of Leo the Lion, we can anticipate at least some impassioned speeches and perhaps some loud roaring as well. Exchanges and communications under this Sun-Mercury alignment will set the stage for future developments.

  THE OTHER alignment on Monday, between Mars and Eris, is one to take special note of. As these two warriors join forces in the sign of Aries the Ram, their already assertive natures are made even more potent. As with all astrological energies, this can be put to good use, as the two planets can inspire courage and confidence. However, neither Mars nor Eris is known for the ability to play quietly or cooperatively. They are often headstrong and act without considering the consequences of their actions.

  On an individual level, we can use this influence to make a new start, especially if we’ve been waiting to feel more energized and fearless before taking a risk. On a global level, this alignment may indicate new protests against injustice. The main caution is to be careful of acting on impulse or instinct, especially if motivated by anger or the desire for revenge. 

  Mars and Eris will align three times this year, due to Mars going retrograde. The dates of the three conjunctions are August 18, October 4, and December 22 (the day after the highly-anticipated Jupiter-Saturn conjunction). Events this week represent step one of a process. They will give us some hints as to how the other alignments – steps two and three – will play out.

  THE NEW MOON on Tuesday occurs at 7:41 p.m. PDT, when the Sun and Moon align at 26°35′ Leo. Mercury is very close to the two lights at the time of the lunation, indicating that communications, mail services, commerce, news sources, and travel concerns will be in the spotlight for the next four weeks. This stellium of Sun-Moon-Mercury in Leo can be very helpful for those who wish to begin a new creative project, especially one that involves writing or speaking.

  The New Moon is in harmonious trine aspect with both Mars and Eris, indicating that the new lunar cycle will be highly charged with forthright, courageous, confident energies. We are more willing to take risks with this influence, and also act more spontaneously. Personal fulfillment is the priority.

  HOWEVER, the planet Saturn forms a strong quincunx aspect with the Sun-Moon-Mercury stellium. Saturn always provides a reality check, and reminds us of the need to apply the brake from time to time, if we are to successfully reach our intended destination. Because the energies of this New Moon are otherwise quite impulsive – a bit like driving down a side street at twice the speed limit – I feel that Saturn’s involvement will ultimately be helpful.

  A quincunx such as this requires a mental adjustment. With the planets in Leo receiving Saturn’s teaching, we are called to observe where we might be expressing the shadow qualities of that sign. Leo is very generous, creative, and affectionate, but its shadow can be a too-strong need for recognition and approval, or a tendency to be overly dramatic, prideful, or arrogant.

  With this Saturn quincunx woven into the New Moon chart, some of our creative efforts may be frustrated. If this occurs, Saturn encourages us to do a better job of focusing on the practical components of the project, reminding us that inspiration is only part of what is needed to make our ideas come into form. We are also called to differentiate between what is realistically possible and what is mostly wishful thinking.

  A SUBTLE SHIFT occurs over the course of this week, as first Mercury (on Wednesday) and then the Sun (on Saturday) move into responsible Virgo. This annual change of signs indicates a transition from focusing on personal fulfillment into a greater readiness to be of service to others. This is also the “back to school” energy, which some may feel happy about and others may not. Basically, Virgo asks us to get down to work and to find renewed satisfaction in a job well done.

  All signs do have their shadow side, however. With Virgo emphasized over the next four weeks, we will need to watch being overly analytical or too critical. And, when Virgo is stressed, nervous energy and worry are heightened, and we can judge ourselves (or others) as not being “good enough.” It can be easy to turn selflessness into self-sacrifice if we try to live up to a perceived ideal. Because of this, make sure that self-appreciation and self-care are at the top of your daily “to do” list – in addition to building your skills of centering, balance, and inner peace.

  IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK:In the year ahead, you are more focused than usual on speaking your truth, and on whether or not you feel heard by significant others. If you are a writer or speaker, this can be a very inspired year, as long as you keep your feet on the ground and take care of the practical steps needed to bring your ideas into form. You may feel particularly motivated by current social movements designed to bring greater equality to those who have been disenfranchised. (Solar Return Sun conjunct Mercury, semisquare Venus, trine Mars, quincunx Saturn, trine Eris)

  In Gratitude and Light,   Pam

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