Lee Harris Energy: August 2020 Energy Update, Themes + Transcription

August 2020 Energy Update

Jul 31, 2020
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Hi everybody, The August Energy Update has arrived!


Themes for the month:


  • THE FIRE ENERGY AND ‘POWER/CONTROL/FREEDOM’ TRIANGLE which I mentioned in the JULY Update will continue through first week of AUGUST
  • POWER AND CONTROL GRABS have less power than ever before on the planet – but attempts will be there, making for a tumultuous period (will play out over next 2-3 years)
  • AUGUST IS THE CLEANSE AND ‘RESET’ MONTH OF 2020 – a month where SPACE can appear and cleansing (physical and energetic) will be swift and most supported
  • PURGE OPPORTUNITIES – memories, energetic releases and old ideas/ways of being will also be part of this ‘fast-release’ cleanse energy and period
  • CHANGE MOMENTUM on HIGH – the change energy that has been brewing (as a result of the internal and introspective nature of 2020 for our collective) goes into ACTIVE mode in August. New growth, new building and new plans are easier to make work. There will be a COLLECTIVE energy of change happening, supporting this.
  • AUGUST WILL BE THE MOST ALCHEMICAL AND ELECTRICAL MONTH OF 2020 (for transformation and creation)
  • TO GROUND OR TO FLY? Depending on where you normally live more of the time in life (more in your body or more in the ethers) the ‘more in the ethers folk’ will need to get GROUNDED to harness their alchemy, and the ‘more in the body folk’ will be the opposite – INVIGORATED, INSPIRED and WOKEN UP INTUITIVELY by this energy. Those of us with an equal foot in both worlds will go between the two states.
  • INTUITION INTEGRATION – a deepening of your inner senses, inner knowing and intuitive faculties – the DOWNLOADS that many have had over recent months are grounding and galvanising in the month of August – coming into form.





Big love, Lee x


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August 2020 Energy Update


Hi, I’m Lee, I’m an intuitive and every month I take the pulse as to what’s showing up energetically, psychologically, emotionally. This is the Energy Update for August 2020. We’ll be covering many themes including:Power and Control grabs and how they’re showing up on a planetary level and also on a personal level;Cleansing and Purging, and how August is going to carry a signature of cleansing and purging; and why this is the most Alchemical and Electrical month of the year so far, and how that will impact changes that you are wanting to make in your life,and that you are about to make in your life. So stay tuned for the full Update.

Hi everyone, welcome to the Energy Update for August. If you are watching this on YouTube, please hit subscribe and the notification bell so that you are notified as soon as we have a new video out for you -it’s where we premiere the Energy Update and all of our material. And also, stay tuned at the end of this broadcast if you would like to know a bit more about Transmissions 2020. It’s my online virtual retreat, it’s happening in August, and it is a fully channeled and sound healing experience. So we’ll play you a clip about that at the end, but we have a lot to get through this month.

So for those of you who watch every month, you may remember that in July, I spoke about the Power/Control/Freedom energy triangle that was going to show up, especially in the last couple of weeks of July. That’s going to continue through about the first week of August and by the time we reach the end of the first week of August, that’s going to start to move out, and a cleanse energy is about to come in. But before we get there, one of the things that came to me very strongly about this Power/Control/Freedom, dynamic. It’s happening globally, and you’re seeing it play out and you’ll be seeing Power Grabs play out -people trying to take power or control over others.

The thing about this right now (and this is what I keep getting) is those power grabs can no longer take hold in the way that they could have decades ago, but they will try and they will try quite hard. So this is going to play out for the next few years. So it’s going to be part of the dynamic that we are in as a world, and it’s going to be part of the dynamic that is going to change the landscape of what we knew as a planet, but also be the foundation of where we go next.

So I spoke many, many months ago about how this whole experience that we’ve gone through this year,with the lockdown and everything else,was going to really infuse people with a different sense of knowing, a different sense of their own power and a different sense of what they wanted in the future and how things needed to be -almost like waking us all up at an all new level. And we’re really in the beginning stages of that now coming to fruition, which is why some of those Power Control Grabs are playing out. But also you will see this Power Control Grab effect, having a ricochet effect in your very direct personal life.

It’s why we’re seeing lots of arguments going on between people, people wanting to fight about things rather than take their energy somewhere where it’s flowing. And also, there are people whose job it is to argue about certain things, and that’s a really important role if you are somebody whose design is to be someone who can agitate or confront or be an activist in areas where healing and cleanliness is more needed -it’s great. But for many, you might be a bit in dismay about some of the division energy, the arguments that you’re seeing. It’s just going to be really important for you to know your position in those energies because it can be very depleting if you aren’t the kind of person who is designed to wade into arguments -if that’s not how you’re built.

So, the reason I bring up that this is going to play out over the next two, three years, is so that you pace yourself. And so that you kind of figure out your new balance point in all of this changing landscape, but also so that you look out for where power and control are playing out,mirroring in all of us because everything reflects everything else. So what we see going on in the wider bigger world -the bigger world arena -will translate right down into the conversation we have with our neighbor or with ourselves, or what’s going on in our immediate life. So you may have been going through your own healing around power,control, letting go of control, not trying to exert control over situations and others, so it’s going to continue to be an interesting theme for the first week or so, but then it’s going to go into a little bit of a reprieve. And this month of August, I was quite surprised as I was looking at it, I kept getting the words cleanse month, reset month, cleanse month, reset month.

So this Cleanse and Reset energy that will be coming in will actually allow and provide a little bit of space from everything that has been driving and building all of these past six, seven months that we’ve been living through. So it’s going to create a very alchemical energy for us, and I’ll talk more about that in a second. But the one thing I need to bring up is,Purge Opportunities,as another theme in the month of August. Some of you will have already been purging for recent months, you will have been going through purge experiences, memories -perhaps you’re purging things where you live, perhaps you’re purging aspects of your life. But you’ll find that purge opportunities will be faster and more supported in August than they have been even in recent months.So it means you might make quicker decisions. Perhaps you’ve been practicing letting go for many months, and in August, you just get to this new level of, “I can let that go, I can let this go.”

So memories, dreams, your relationship to aspects of your life that you’ve lived so far are going to be going through a lot of changes, and August is going to be a very supportive cleanse and purge month, so go easy on yourself if you are identifying with what I’m saying, if you’re like, “Oh my God,yeah, I’m purging 10,000 right now.” Try and keep your life as calm or as measured as you are able to, because that’s a very big energetic process that you’re going through, it’s very transformational, and it will pay off when it settles, but when you’re going through it, it can be very disorienting.

And it often is the phase that we go through after we’ve had a big awakening, and we’re definitely in a worldwide awakening right now, so that energy is strong. With all of that said, Change Momentum will be on high in the month of August -so the change energy that has been brewing in many of us and in our whole world, as a result of all of the introspection of recent months. So many of us have been forced out of our regular patterns or into a deeper sense of introspection, either about ourselves and our lives or about our relationships or our relationship to the work we do, or the world we live in, or how we thought the structures of this world were versus how we’re beginning to see they really are -and that’s a shock to the system.

So change opportunities are going to be on high in the month of August. So a lot of what you’ve perhaps been thinking about or brewing, or dreaming about or reflecting on, is going to go more into action in this month, and it’s going to be easier to galvanize change in your life. It doesn’t mean you have to. So if you’re sitting there going, “Oh God, I think I need to do this really big thing.” Don’t worry, you’ll do that really big thing when everything lines up for you to be ready to do it. But what you will notice is you may be surprised how quickly you make decisions, you change your mind, the road that you thought you were on suddenly shifts, and the thing about August is,it directly links back to all of the preparation of recent months. That change energy isn’t coming from nowhere, it’s just that we’re beginning to break out of the chrysalis now, and August is going to hold the strongest energy of the year of 2020 around breaking out of the chrysalis and breaking into inspired action.

I will also say, remember that the innovations that some of you are birthing and brewing now, they might not come out into the world until 2021, 2022, and that’s okay. As creators, we’re always creating, even if the evidence isn’t there. So for example, if you think of the pregnancy period that women go through -the pregnancy often doesn’t show for those first few months, but it’s there, it has been seeded, it’s growing. So we’re very much like that in the changes that we make in the world.

So there is a lot that’s moving in all of our lives right now because the ground that we all thought we were on got shaken quite violently and quite unexpectedly. So the disorientation phase is beginning to become a little more normal to people, and people are beginning to acclimatize to the new ground, and that is what is going to empower people to make changes that perhaps they’ve wanted to, needed to, or been dreaming of. So if you, yourself are like, “Ah, I haven’t really been thinking about any changes” this will be a great month to vision, to write intentions, to do a kind of, “Where am I in my life? Where was I a year ago? Where would I like to be in a year?” Because when we get conscious of that, the Universe listens and we start to co-create rather than perhaps just feeling like a human victim of our lives, because we’re here as souls having an experience, so connect with that part of your soul. It’s going tobe a great month to do it,because this is also the most Alchemical and Electrical month of 2020. So it’s a really big month for transformation, and it’s a really big month for creation. Again, you might not birth your creation until January 2021 but something might brew and start this month. So it’s a really good time to create little pockets of space to create,and really intend on what you’d like to bring in.

Now, here’s an interesting thought for you -because of the alchemical nature of this month, one of the notes I wrote down here (and we always put these underneath the video, if you like to see the written notes too, or you can click through to my website)is, “To ground or to fly.” So depending on where you normally live most of the time, more in or more out of your body, you’re going to probably want to do the opposite. So for example, I’ve kind of got one foot on the ground and one arm up here, and that’s kind of how I live now. But at other times in my life, especially when I was going through big awakenings, I was ‘up there’ for a while. And then for most of the first kind of 19 years of my life, I was very down in my body and found it difficult to connect up there. I will also say we go through phases with that, we tend to have periods in our life where we’re going through big awakenings and we’re up in the air or we’re very on the ground integrating.

So identify where you are right now and recognize the opposite will be the most effective for you in the month of August, if you want to ground change. So if you’re someone who’s very up in the sky a lot, very much in the ethers, if you want to make some changes, getting grounded in the month of August -whether that’s through working in a garden or doing very physical tasks in your house -whatever it takes to get you grounded into your body,is going to be the most effective for you in August. And vice versa, if you’re normally a very functional, disciplined, pattern-based person, do some visioning this month, meditate a lot more -whatever it is that takes you into that transcendent state -that’s going to be what moves you forward. So try playing with opposites to really harness this alchemical,transformational time. Because these energies exist, but we have to sense them, move into them and play with them and dance with them in order for them to really activate in us. So those of you who really sense energy, you’re going to really enjoy a lot of these colors and shades in August because they’re going to feel more grounded and more able to play with than perhaps some of the higher downloads that you’ve had in recent months.

And that leads me to the last theme for this month, which is,we have Intuition Integration appearing in August 2020. So some of you will have become more intuitive than you ever have this year so far, and you will have had a deepening of your inner senses, your inner knowing, your intuitive faculties. You may have had many downloads, especially if you’re new to…I don’t know whether it’s channeling or listening to the voice of your soul…whatever it is that you call it, whatever it is that has woken up in you -this is going to be a month where Intuition Integration happens. So what tends to happen is, we’ll have a big vision. We’ll be like, “Oh my God, that seems like a great idea. Oh my God, I’m going to do that. That’s going to feel really good.” And then we have to integrate that vision into our current body and let our body reconfigure itself, so that we’re ready to step into it. It’s not just that we have the vision and we immediately walk in. There is a calibration that has to happen. So this month, those of you who’ve been very, very visionary in recent months, you’ll find it easier to be on the ground, you’ll find it easier to use that visionary energy.

But equally, those of you who perhaps have been a little more in your body, or you just stumbled on this video, and in the last month, you’ve suddenly been looking into all this kind of stuff, this is a really good time to become intuitive because it’s definitely a time where that is more supported than ever before. So welcome to your intuitive sense’s reawakening. We’ve all had them all the time, it’s just that our world as we are now is beginning to include that aspect of our power back into our lives, and it’s really important. Because we need it, we basically need it to create the world that we’re walking into and to be creative with the world that we’re walking into, because the new level of consciousness on the planet demands that we no longer just work from our minds -that we bring in our hearts and our senses and our intuitive senses. So welcome those of you who are new to awakening, and it’s a great time to wake up because there’s so much out there that can support you now.

And thank you to all of you who perhaps have been walking this path much longer than I have.I’m about 25 years in-paving the way for the rest of us, especially as you are pioneering at a time when it was even more out there to talk about intuition. So everyone, that brings us to the end of the Energy Update for August. I hope you havea really well-supported month,and one thing that you will hear me say over and over again, is, “Remember that the balance point on the planet is constantly shifting.”So if you are a sensitive, if you are an empath, if you are someone who is highly intuitive, balance is going to be a vital part of your life, and it’s changing all the time, so you making sure that you balance yourself as often as possible, especially in times like these which are very roller-coaster-like,is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. So making sure you have moments of quiet, moments of rest, moments where you come back to yourself. Even if you have the best relationships in the world, it’s really important for us to connect our own divinity through our own soul in these times, and then we can be even better in our relationships around us.

That said, co-dependency is going to be going through a very rough road right now -if you’re in codependent relationships, or that’s the way that you like your relationships -you’re going to be getting bumped out of those in quite jagged ways, so that you wake up to having this relationship with yourself, with the Universe and then through that you can be a vessel that has relationships with others. So lots of love, everyone. Thank you for tuning in. As I said, if you want to always get these videos first, please hit subscribe on YouTube and the notification bell.

And this month, for those of you who are in my members’ community, The Portal, we have a channel for you called, The Freedom Channels. So if you’d like to know more about The Freedom Channels, and also my members’ community, The Portal,is where we provide monthly tools and support for sensitives and soul-based seekers and it’s a wonderful community. And if you want to check it out and see whether or not you resonate and you’d like to try it for a month, you can find it at the portal.world, and as usual, we’ll put all the links below this video and we will now play you the introduction to Transmissions 2020, and if it resonates for you to join us for the Transmissions 2020 journey, we would love to see you in there. Until next month, everybody, take good care.

Big Love,



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