We hit Critical-Mass! July 4/5 Eclipse Meditation is next.

Yes, another Mass Meditation tonight…with everything constantly shifting, I can’t seem to catch up with my email and tasks, or my own life, really……so I didn’t realize this until a short while ago…things are definitely being stirred up, some of it good, some not.  I AM grateful and honored to participate.  I find these meditations DO help me realign with a higher and better timeline as well. Give a healing, get a healing…positive side effect of being a Lightworker. ~PB

Times & Links for July 4/5 144K Lunar Eclipse Meditation are below


Another BIG salute & congratulations to all who helped promote – and or – participated in this Pluto/Jupiter conjunction meditation!


As always … the 144K was there first … clearing the way & making sure things HAPPEN!


And happen the way right way … in whatever way WE saw fit.


After more than quadrupling our promotional ad budget for this meditation (thanks the amazing financial contribution from many loving 144K Members) , Cobra has confirmed that Critical Mass was reached.


And we certainly made sure the main Cobra meditation had a bigger impact to accelerate freedom, than what it otherwise would’ve been without us there!


As always … thanks to the freedom & backing given during 144K Meditations for Member’s Souls & Soul purpose to shine, many of you saw some amazing events take place … before the ‘main advance’ of the other Starseed Groups who then entered the meditation.


For me … I saw an Icosahedron get cleared (it was very dark grey), that surround Gaia, among other things, after I directed everyone to briefly focus on toplet bombs.


It’s been almost impossible to give out the usual post meditation reports/de-briefs … because:


  • organizing …
  • promoting …
  • motivating …
  • and carrying out, 4 mass-meditation in as many weeks 
  • while having to tend to the usual 3D needs & broader Planetary Liberation focus
  • much less answering emails


… has been overwhelming, to say the least!


The great news is … enormous strides & breakthroughs have been made, and not just with mass meditations.


I’ve been testing something BIG here at 144K Labs – but I won’t tell you anything about it until I’m satisfied with this testing period.


Patreon Members, you already know what I’m talking about ;- )


And it does have the potential to revolutionize every Starseed’s world!


More on that later.


For now, the 144K has a reputation to uphold & maintain, by continuing to lead the Starseed world with the crucial July 4th/5th Mass Meditation … while other groups ‘take a break’. 


We’ve done a lot to stabilize the planetary situation!


So let’s accelerate the path to freedom, now that things are more stable!



Times & Links for the July 4th/5th

Lunar Eclipse

144K Mass Meditation


Join Time: 11pm EDT (US) July 4th 

Start Time: 11:10pm EDT

Eclipse maximum: 12:30am EDT (on July 5th)     

Your Time Zone: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=144K+July+4th%2F5th+Eclipse+Mass+Meditation&iso=20200704T23&p1=179&ah=2

Live Guided Broadcast: in the 144K Member’s Area
(click on Ground Crew Command Radio at the top)

​For the back-up link on Blogtalk Radio (Ground Crew Command Radio): Click Here !

Or if you prefer, the dial in # is: 1-310-807-5232


Yours in Service …

The Unknown Lightwarrior

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