Dorothy Morgan: Weekly Astrological Forecast: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse July 5th 2020 Capricorn Jupiter Pluto

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse July 5th 2020 Capricorn Jupiter Pluto

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The big news for the beginning of this week is the 2nd conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto. So far what we’ve experienced with Jupiter and Pluto this year is glaringly apparent. It’s the destruction the pandemic has stirred up, it’s upheaval in the fabric of our society, the awareness around the (our) deep-seated power struggles and fears.
The breakdown and trust for systems we thought we could count on in emergencies, we are so aware of some of the truths and more will be revealed as the year goes on. This and more has been the collective experience for many but not all.

If you know me even a little you know I want to shift gears and talk about the positive things we can gain from this. Both planets are retrograde during this conjunction and we have an ……….. read more at…

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