Deep Inner Guidance

Slowing down has its merits…so does turning off media and devices, so we can tune in…

Reflections of Riverman

Deep Inner Guidance

Deep Inner Guidance
Good morning to All on this last Friday of May 2020 and Many Blessings to each of you.

As I asked my Guides for a topic the answer was in my question.
We All need Deep Guidance right now.
The world around us has shifted into something that is quite bizarre and at times very unrecognizable.
Our everyday routines and habits have become an object of criticism which is undermining the the energetic stability of every living being on our planet.

For my own preservation of emotional stability I have chosen to look at it all as a Great Storm which does not care what is in its path. It will destroy everything and have no feelings of empathy or remorse for its actions at all.

The Sacred Space Meditation Card I pulled today was Divine Guidance which shows an interacting group of several galaxies. It almost…

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