Aluna Ash 9D: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse- Opening The Gateway To Major Change, Calling In Soul Group/Soulmates

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse- Opening The Gateway To Major Change, Calling In Soul Group/Soulmates

May 31, 2020
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The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place on June 5th, 2020 and is opening the Gateway to the Planetary Galactic Activation on June 20-21st 2020 bringing in some major changes in consciousness that will begin to change everything as we know it. Lots of hidden information/wisdom coming to the surface. June 8th is a 13th day of a 13 day cycle just days after the Lunar Eclipse which can mean increase in Solar Activity. The New Moon Solar Eclipse will be bringing in a more power energy- Cosmic/Solar activity.

It is very mixed in terms of experiences/energy/perception & it really just depends on the individual & Solar Activity influences us all differently. But many are about to awaken to a much higher state of Being- and I will talk about this more in the next video ( Solstice/ New Moon Solar Eclipse Planetary Galactic  Axis Activation) -it is the next phase of one cycle that culminated in 2011 and a new shift/cycle that began in 2012- synchronizing with planetary consciousness (tier of hierarchy within- all kingdoms are happening within- eventually every Soul experiences this/Enlightenment/Self-Realization & begins to embody Cosmic Consciousness fully… it all takes time to integrate, and the timing- or how long it takes for each- depends on the ego & the depths of the beliefs of polarity within at all levels of Creation.

Sending healing, protection, love & gratitude to all- bringing to Light what can no longer remain hidden or suppressed within Humanity. 💜 It’s time to humble ourselves, acknowledge what we need to change & come together as Humanity/Family & support one another in order to heal. We can no longer remain divided, we can no longer hurt another- it is destructive, inhumane & goes against Universal Law. We are meant to build one another up, not keep another down. Part of healing is not just expression, but being heard.

When we- Humanity- overcome the battle WITHIN (thoughtforms/invisible forces on subjective planes, fields of thought charged by emotion)– we are no longer IN the battle. We can observe, but we aren’t swayed out of our true knowing of who and what we ARE- Spirit/Source/God.

The physical is a matrix of the mind. If we cannot control our own consciousness- another will for it’s own purpose/desire/influence- its just the reality of reality. All about energy. Give & Take. There is a Law of Consciousness- if we do not know it, we are influenced by another ego, another will/desire, or destructive influences within the Collective Mind.


And Ofcourse Black Lives Matter! Equality is a Divine Right.. and experiencing or feeling an injustice is not “karmic” or “deserved” it means that one Soul has been influenced/dominated by another. Any feeling of injustice within, needs to be expressed or it manifests as dis-ease. The dis-ease manifestation of the world has been suppression of self-expression… which is suppression of Spirit- Life- Breath.

The world is speaking through subconscious metaphor… in many ways

The subconscious MUST out-picture all feelings/beliefs impressed upon it, the exact likeness of the feeling/belief… it will not alter the feeling of belief- it doesn’t matter if they are constructive, destructive, true or false, just or unjust, wanted or unwanted. What we dwell on with feeling- is impressed upon the womb of creation & is taken as a request then the subconscious go immediately to work by giving the feeling/belief form (manifestation.) It is our own job as individuals within Humanity to do this inner work, to change our ways of thinking- to balance where we are divided within. The Kingdom of Heaven is within, all things come from within- from the subconscious. We cannot see other then the contents of our own consciousness… all that we see outside or are aware of, is within.

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