May 16, 2020
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I hope you all are doing well, getting through things the best you can, being patient and kind to yourself and others. Its kinda like a test (metaphor)… who can rise above in consciousness beyond the dramas of the world as they appear, see beyond duality and remember our true power within. Even if we struggle at times- it’s OK! You cannot fail! Your Infinite Self is all Divine mercy, love, Faith, forgiveness.

In the beginning, Source & ourselves- agreed to experience polarity to ascend to higher states of consciousness more quickly… experiencing polarity, then rising beyond it is how Egos/Souls get off the wheel of Earth Realm death/rebirth and the dream of good vs evil.. it is an experience that can seem so fixed when you’re in it, but there is always a greater part of you with you, within you & beyond the experience. It doesn’t matter if we/you are awake, how long we/you been on this path- it takes constant daily work and it is a choice.. that’s the beauty of polarity- the ability to choose. We can rise in consciousness- or fall further into the dream. Either way, all are redeemed- all is One. Everything that manifests is our own Creation, but to create conscious or intentional change- we have to develop (self control of destructive functions of the personality) the ability to take responsibility for our own Creation, look deeply at & within ourselves and decide to change our thought patterns, our reactions, our concepts to change our ways(not by suppressing.) We are using our own consciousness/mind/heart/creative force- the Infinite, to manifest aspects or time segments of Creation on the material plane/outer world, that already exist.

I mentioned in Feb. Energy Update there would be “major turning points- earthquakes of change, wisdom, knowledge” (earthquakes means earth=manifestation/physical form, quakes=things shaken up) and seems like many are moving into new time segments, experiences manifest diff. for everyone- it depends on the person/situation and what has been focused on- where attention is alot of the time, and what is within the depths of the Soul/Subconscious.

I will be posting a Divine Feminine/Masculine Reading Soon for Mid May XO

I want to share some of the activations/shifts/manifestations I’ve experienced over the last several months incase it is helpful for anyone. Some may experience Flower of Life/Merkaba/Oneness activations in the coming months or near future. It took about 2 months to really tune into the Subtle/ether body with the physical body then about another 7 months for integration after my experience and I have been able to see the change in my Rainbow Body and my outer reality in huge ways ever since. Its like opening the bridge/direct link to Source- Superconscious Mind through/by integration of Objective & Subjective Spheres (opens the Flower Of Life ) Integration to Oneness is a process… dual aspects at all levels integrate into one field- individual, collective, planetary, solar, galactic, Cosmic, moving the individual beyond the spheres of consciousness where dual mind operates to Superconscious Mind of the Infinite Self. It is only when we have gotten beyond the dream of good vs evil that we can fully be living in and from the Inner Heart- Subtle Body Gateway to your Infinite Self and All that exists. It is not an easy thing at first- most of the world is divided in beliefs and heavily divided in politics, but when the memory awakens and you become it all- you see it is 2 sides of the same coin. And in time, your mental body is attuned to this state of awareness and can observe from a detached place while not being sway in attention or picking sides of Light/Dark. It just Is.

** If you are going through major life changes- in times of doubt, hold onto your Faith in your Infinite Self- it is worth it! This is an individual journey, we can help one another, but cannot do the inner work for another or remain dependent on another. It’s constant work, no one has it easier then another as far as potential… If one person can get out of difficulty, then another person can too. And at some point we all have to figure it out in our own way- even if its not easy. We are each responsible for own own thinking/feeling/attention. Trying to focus on all that is good- to attune your mental body, is helpful. Outer changes are the result of inner change- it is a new path opening up. Staying focused on your energy, your state of consciousness and what you are putting into your photosphere (aura) is important.. it doesn’t matter if the whole world is focusing on negative or evil (for the purpose of ascension to rise beyond dual aspect within)- your True Nature is Life/Spirit within the inner Heart of Life and the more we stay in this space of knowing- we are in alignment/harmony with Cosmic Law and are uplifting others through the thought currents/ vibrations we are sending out through our mental body.




  1. FLASH OF TRUTH💜 GOOD THINGS ARE COMING 5/21 (description box)
    •May 21, 2020
    Aluna Ash- 9D
    98.8K subscribers

    #Awakening #SolarActivity #TheEvent

    I will figure out the times across the world that align with of 4pm Eastern Time soon and post! The days I am able to jump on and do a quick livestream at 4pm, I will. Metaphysical Groups, Secret Societies, Saints, Mystics, Monks, Mystery Schools would do this & still do- work on the Spiritual & Mental Planes at the same time, for months to build a Thought-Field. Everyday at 4pm for 10 minutes we contemplate on gratitude, the connection of Spirit working through all and the upliftment of all and visualize a field of beautiful bright electric blue light, bright yellow light and bright indigo light surrounding our field, then extending outward to the surrounding areas- building, yard, street, town, state, country, world, galaxy, cosmos…

    Even though I have been doing this everyday & others for awhile- when we came together & decided the thought of Oneness, feeling, time, amount of time- it was/is beautiful. We began this with the intent to build this energy of cosmic consciousness before eclipses/Solstice of June (prior to Cov19) so I guess a little over a couple months. I have noticed a big change in my energy after a just couple weeks of coming together on the mental plane with a few others everyday at the same time… I had a family member (that is NOT interested in this stuff) say to me “I dunno what it is, but I feel this strong sense of appreciation and I feel like the Universe is conspiring for me.” 😁

    I also noticed when I go out and about, people respond/act more uplifted. The others involved have been experiencing significant changes in their own ways too💜

    I still go within, contemplate & use prayer before bed and upon rising. But I feel that working with others w/ the same intention everyday over the last couple months has kept me from experiencing the mental or emotional sways of the Collective Mind that many have experienced, it has helped to keep my attention on what I know creates the change I want to see in the world.

    We get back 100 fold what we give out or desire for another or all others- it is just how energy works. So it is important to have the best intention for all.

    Cosmic Consciousness is a plane of Consciousness accessed within, in our memory, available to all to access- a bridge of Self-Awareness must be developed first ( which means just being Self Aware that you are more then a personality.) It is complete forgiveness, bliss, love yet indifferent & neutral- all is just, merciful & working together for one cause. It is a combined total of all planes, kingdoms, all forces of energy & individualities-as One. I’ve been experiencing consistent moments of bliss/gratitude ever since- often brings me to tears. It doesn’t matter how long you have been on your conscious Spiritual Path, it doesn’t matter if you meditate daily or know “Spiritual” terms, or if you do yoga, fast, tantra, etc… It is a memory within & is all about your connection within, with Your Self: DESIRE & Longing for Mystical Union awakens the memory within. This connection can deepen by turning your attention inward & growing your connection with Your Infinite Self. It is a Flash Of Truth- Seeing beyond the many layers of “the dream” but as One not as a polarity.. polarity is a part of expression of form. I wanted to share some of my experience incase it is helpful to another. And ANY age can experience Cosmic Consciousness.I do feel like there may be more in the ages between 28- to somewhere in the 40s that may experience this in the very near future. But it doesn’t matter what age you are, what gender, what you eat, etc..- its a memory & is all about the desire for it.

    Although there is much info about Kundalini Awakening, Spiritual Awakening, NDE’s, Out of Body experiences, Lucid dreaming, Plant Medicine Experiences, paranormal stuff… there is only small number of people throughout each generation and every century that have written about personally experiencing Cosmic Consciousness by evolution naturally by desire to build inner-connection or experiencing beyond Self Awareness/Awakening & Enlightenment in an order. It is an order of integration of all levels/ hierarchies that appears to be outside, but is actually happening from within… the appearance of things being outside or external is the subjective Self surfacing to objective awareness, the Light, to have an experience as multiple individualities all at once. Ezekiel’s writings is very close to part of one of my experiences Of Cosmic Consciousness/Realization/Oneness. If you feel guided to share your own experiences in any way… it may be really helpful to another- at any point in time. Truth & the evolutionary work of a Soul is eternal- it remains.

    Thank you for your comments, feedback, support, love, likes, shares, support on Patreon

    I am finishing up the DM/DF extended part of the reading for the DM/DF reading I recorded, soon as I am done with it- I will upload. 🙂

    •May 22, 2020
    Aluna Ash- 9D
    98.8K subscribers

    #DivineFeminine #DivineMasculine #June
    💗This reading is for any DM/DF’s within the collective that resonate.Sorry for the lighting!
    💗Let me know if any of this resonates in the comments (or by hitting the thumbs up👍 button, if you don’t want to comment) so I know whether or not to keep posting DM/DF readings

    💗Extended Reading:

    “The Good Karma”
    **Extended Reading is two separate readings as one: one for feminine energy, one for masculine energy and the energy of the eclipses of June. XO

    The DM/DF Element Reading for May is posted on Patreon: (Junes will be posted next week)
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