FM 144: System Shutdown (15.03.2020)

März 15, 2020

FM 144: System Shutdown (15.03.2020)

First of all, there is no reason to panic about COVID-19, not more than about a conventional flu. The virus was successfully contained by the Light Forces weeks ago. What we are seeing here is probably the largest orchestrated global media (fear) campaign the Cabal has ever conducted.

The only problem is this fear, which is pumped into the minds of the people and especially into the Ley Lines of planet Earth. Therefore, the highest doctrine at present is: do not panic, stay calm!

According to the LFs, the situation is as follows:

As mentioned in posts before, the Dark Ones know that the game is over and that the Light will strike the surface – which means the end of their dominion.

We are experiencing the retreat of the Dark Ones from the surface below the surface, where they want to entrench themselves in order to escape the Light.

The network of the Cabal is gigantic and they have infiltrated all areas: politics, finance, economics, science, military, healthcare, entertainment, sports … list is endless.

People in such high positions of power can’t withdraw all at once just like that  … that needs a really, really good reason … like a global pandemic … in combination with a total economic collapse.

It is interesting to see how many reports are just coming in from politicians, high-ranking military, nobles, celebrities etc., which seem to have fallen ill with CV or are going into self-quarantine because of it:

According to the LFs we see here the retreat of the Cabal into prepared underground facilities, where they want to hold out the Event, COVID-19 is only a pretext.

Of course they do not want to leave the field just like that. They are currently causing a complete shutdown of the system and forcing humanity into quarantine and social isolation, which is to be enforced by military force if necessary, which is why many countries have issued holiday bans for police/army and have activated their National Guards/Civil Defence Forces.

This lockdown is also visible on the energetic levels, where parts of the planet are covered with a black energetic shell …  this is to prevent the contact of the surface population with positive extra-terrestrial beings … but this is taken care of.

According to the LFs, this is the situation… but at the same time they try to calm down, there is no reason to panic, apparently things are going according to plan.

I can’t tell you exactly what’s gonna happen or how long it’s gonna take. The LFs just keep insisting that it is important to stay calm now, it is also good to stock up some supplies, keep in touch with your Starseeds comrades via internet, social media, do your meditations, but most important: stay calm – all the seemingly chaos is part of the ascension process (and besides, the sky has not been as chemtrail-free as it is now for a long time)!


2 thoughts on “FM 144: System Shutdown (15.03.2020)

  1. The above link in your kind email will not respond open or appropriately do what was intended. Why is anybody’s guess. This late hour known as the witching hour or devil’s hour 3am I have been online all evening and into this late hour and find other email with active links that are too hanging and won’t do anything but stall. So the link provided in email that too stalls and won’t budge and eventually times out due to inactive response. Just decided to make you aware of this and thank you for your kind email…staying calm in kentucky 40202 thanks Tony Pulvirenti

    • Thanks for the heads up, but I do not send the emails, they are automated notifications when I post. But you found your way here to comment, so it worked out, thankfully. I did include a link to the original post at the bottom, and my titles are (or should be) direct links to the source as well. I get an email as well but I checked the link in mine and it works fine. Social media seems to have a lot of glitches lately, which I think is due to the fact they don’t have as much control over the platform as they once did.

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