David Wilcock: The Great Pandemic: What’s Really Going On?| Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL)

I’ve been following David Wilcock since the 90’s, he is quite brilliant! Technical difficulties interrupt the show off and on but the information is so worth the wait! (He plans a redo) He will blow your mind with his intel and analysis! WOW! Amazing disclosures! Inspiring! (Especially 2nd half) ~PB

The Great Pandemic: What’s Really Going On?

Streamed live 7 hours ago

David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL)

Urgent Update & NEW LIVE Docu-Series
LIVE Broadcast Thursday 19 March @ 3pm PT/6pm ET

The Great Awakening in Times of Turmoil:
What Your Higher Self Wants You to Know

with David Wilcock


Kauilapele: David Wilcock LIVE broadcast 3-19-20… “A few Kp notes from the show” “The Great Pandemic: What’s Really Going On?”

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[Kp update: here is a direct link to the show: https://youtu.be/om0afwpTwjA (note: it may kick in at the end of the video, but just click along the left part of the red timeline bar, and you can go back to the beginning.] I’ve been listening to this (now it’s almost 3 hours), so I’ll post what I have. Any more items come out, I’ll add later.
Here’s the original link to the show. I would presume this will be made available later on DW’s YouTube channel.

Kp notes from the show

This is NOT the end of the world.

Oprah, when she found out what the cabal / deep state was planning (she was in one of the deep state meetings), she threw up. She is not for the deep state’s objectives.

Europe20 operation is an op leading to mass arrests (involves 17 countries).

DW thinks this is mass arrests going on.

We’re at the end of the Hero’s Journey, where all the allies of the Hero come together to defeat “the enemy”.

The Morning Star (an England deep state journal) (“Morning Star” = Lucifer) said Europe20 operation should be stopped, and England should pull out.

QAnon is a fulfillment of what DW was told about, that US military and US intelligence has turned around to support the Great Awakening.

There are contingency plans in place to take care of food, resources, power, water, etc.

DW went through many Q posts.

“It’s going to be Biblical”… wildfires, locusts, viruses… this is an attempt at an “Armageddon” that is failing.

Emergency Message System will be used for direct messaging from the Alliance.

Project Looking Glass has played a big part in this.

After 3 hours, David’s dog wants a walk.

What’s going on now had to wait until after all the deep state attempts to take out Trump had failed.

There will be a world televised disclosure:

Q3862: re: delayed testimony
1. allow for public dissemination of critical facts [possible unseal(s)-declas] prior to world televised sit down.
Sometimes the necessary forum to update the American public is provided by those same people being investigated for….
Release to change strategy?
Watch what happens next!

DW dream with Trump in pickup truck. Trump to DW: “Hang on and buckle up”. Trump drives over a cliff. DW freaks out a bit, but then… All of a sudden, they land on a soft area that Trump’s people had prepared for them.

DW is proud of all of us.

We honor the President and all of the Alliance who are fighting for all of us.



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